crusade and protect

Here once again is a night time pic (good camera but nasty flash!) of a just finished painting. I do apologise for the bad pics but I am always so eager to upload something about a work in progress that has just been completed!
I did this one in a different way – for all of my other paintings I have had just one continuous session of several hours from beginning to finished work.

This is the largest canvas I have made to date. It is the same width as my previous larger ones but about 10cm taller. The cardboard I used for this wasn’t a great quality and consequently the canvas is rather bumpy and corrugated. If lit from above the corrugations show very clearly as horizontal lines (though not evenly over the surface).

I did my usual thing of glueing on some collage pieces and then painting away waiting for the image to appear. By the end of last night I had an image and a composition and the entire surface was painted. I wasn’t very happy with the colours though and knew it would need a lot more work. Today I changed the colours in about half the area though the composition remained the same. I added detail and textures and came out with something which goes very nicely with one of my previous works.

I feel there is a bit of a story in this one. The previous picture, The Protectress , seemed to me to be of a young and naive girl, a child given huge responsibilities, a crown and a shield but also being held back by the dark strap. I could explain all of that a lot more but I really want to describe the new piece.

The Crusader is possibly the same girl, a little older, setting out on an adventure. She moves from the dark into the light of the fire, wearing an elaborate headdress as armour …the thing under the chin strap may be pulling her forward….or it may be a name tag in case she gets lost!
The concept and image came from the same unconscious process I have used before but here I have developed it and connected to a previous work.
Now all it needs is varnish and a hanging string on the back. Unfortunately I am out of varnish and it will require a lot! My local art supplies didn’t have any last time I was there so I may have to venture further afield.

This was an interesting exercise and development in painting for me. I’m surprised that the “over painting” which I did has turned out so well and I’m looking forward to getting that varnish!


  • mmargot
    mmargotover 2 years ago

    the latest is at night….and she is in stalking mode, I think…
    Well, you did say “crusade,” but who is protecting and who is crusading. Got the dome of St. Peter’s or helmet with cross…
    Ah, the workings of the innermost depths!

  • yes, lots of fun!
    I’ll go stalking the varnish today.
    This was actually painted in the dark…the overhead lights were messing things up by showing up the corrugations so I turned them off and just had a couple of table lamps and some light from outside in the courtyard, seemed to work quite well!
    where to next?? predictions??
    I think she doesn’t know where she is going or what she is doing, she is a bit nervous…

    – Soxy Fleming

  • Karen Gingell
    Karen Gingellover 2 years ago

    enjoyed reading about your process – I find it amazing what we can drag out from ourselves – I like the journey your girls are on

  • thanks Karen, I’m glad you enjoyed it. This is like therapy really, and the way I want to create. It’s not important whether others like the result or not (except of course it is nice when they do!) but I like the process and like being able to gaze on the results and “work them out” to some extent….i just love paint too!

    – Soxy Fleming

  • Adriana Glackin
    Adriana Glackinover 2 years ago

    Wonderful work – I love the vividness. :)

  • thank you Adriana, i should have the art version photographed and uploaded tomorrow :)

    – Soxy Fleming