It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.

choosing a T shirt ... I give in !!!

Dear redbubble kindly awarded me a T-shirt for my efforts in the Rorschach Mission Monday so I asked my bubble friends for advice, I went through hundreds of shirt designs…this was never going to be easy….and in the end I made a bit of a shortlist which you can see below….

They are all great designs I think and just a sample of the many great shirt designs here…don’t be sad if you are not represented…I may well have chosen yours and then decided it only worked on yellow (which I will not wear!) …. what do I like about these ones?
I’m an electric internet addict,
I was recently reminded of the famous Banana Splits,
I don’t own a Rollei but I do love the old TLRs,
those little dancing cartoon characters remind me of an 8mm film my Dad may still have hidden in the cupboard,
I know all about super possums and how to evict them!
Those bananas in normal clothes are pretty funny,
and hello possum – well that is so obviously brilliant,
yeah yeah yeah is a great piece of typography (and I could nearly wear red),
the pink scooter came very close to being the one,
Dr Woo and his elephant are old bubble buddies,
the bonjour kitty is well placed on the shirt and just plain cute,
Gavin’s Toaster Dog also came very close,
Randi’s PARTY doesn’t need much explaining,
Anita’s illustration is gorgeous and
Nick’s baby dragon is perfect,
and of course second only to my internet addiction is my Mona Lisa addiction

… I need a dark coloured shirt really so that rules some of them out and I prefer the design up the top of the shirt because of how they fit me…but then! REVELATION!….I snuck into Fleur’s room and tried on her size small girly fitted (cause see I’d always bought mediums previously) … and I find the small is a better fit! so bigger designs might actually work better for me on a small….

however, even after all this in depth research I find myself leaning towards the popular, the fashionable even, maybe towards the cult classic ….I couldn’t do it though, I couldn’t stand the thought of looking like everyone else in Melbourne….so I couldn’t buy this one

…the solution??
instead I decided on…. this one in a brown small girly fitted : D
be sure to see the buyers booth photo!

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