Cool Hand Luke (The Everyday Human Madness and His Calculus Complex)

Life just passes you by
Like the city crowd
Like the streets machines
It makes you crazy, the noises
They are all so random

The TV screams from the other room of life’s every suburban household
I can’t find myself these days, why would I give a fuck about finding Matt Lauer?
The faucet of my creativity is dripping against the oxidized brass drain of the old sink
It makes an impact like a jack hammer, keeping the sleep I haven’t had in so long away

I don’t think I can make another hour interesting; the clock is counting backwards some days now
Clocks are the demons of man; they measure his age in real time
Death counters, all of them

Jesus found his calling at 12, I hate over achievers
I passed him on 42 and Broadway last night
He told me he needed to be granted salvation money for his last drink
Would you deny the son of God?

I want to be Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke, every day
Blue eyes like an ocean, a face like Adonis, a soul like Kerouac…
I want George Kennedy to call me “darling”….his cool hand Luke
I want to eat 50 eggs in a hot southern prison while half dressed men cheer me
Then escape and fuck hookers…get on the cover of life magazine
I am Paul Newman

The phone keeps fucking vibrating, yet no one is getting off
Not from the phone at least
It is 50 degrees outside…where the fuck did my warm spring go
Thanks for pointing the end out to us Al Gore!
Don’t you know that it is not a problem till you realize it?
You’re going to kill us now!
FOX NEWS said I should blame you

Maybe this is all to scare me
Truth in media
Documentary films
Staph Infections

These things scare me; math, fox news, Dick Cheney
These are my fears
Advanced mathematics scares me most
It certainty is too much reality for me
I prefer my math with some indecision
After all, that is the only way to calculate a man

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Cool Hand Luke (The Everyday Human Madness and His Calculus Complex) by 

We all want to be special, we all want to be complete


life, self indulgence, insecurity, fear, dick cheney


  • Arcadia Tempest
    Arcadia Tempestover 3 years ago

    You have an interesting voice here
    Your poetry for me has this kick arse light up a cigarette and blow smoke rings…
    It feels irreverent and also smirks to get your own dream going and get off mine seems to come across …Or is that me projecting? :O)

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