Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

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I am professional artist live and working in Saint-Peterburg in Russian Federation. In 1964 was born in Rostock Germany.
В1984 To year has ended the Moscow university of arts painting faculty, I work in the technician of oil painting, style and an execution manner are defined by a plan.
Personal exhibitions were spent in many cities of Russia.
Museum Shagal in Vitebsk, Cultural property of Russia my pictures have Fund. Also annual participation of Art salon Moscow.
I am glad to new friends and colleagues!

“The thin, quivering, elegant colour, the thought over composition and accuracy of lines, softness of sensual colour, depth of idea are Svetlana Sokolovskoj’s pictures. At transfer of a spirit of the age with its become complicated social and cultural codes in images of istoriko-ethnic cultures, the author sates the works as a stock of senses and associations, subject plans, there is nothing casual. Prominent feature of creativity of the artist is the dialogue constancy between painting and a drawing, between surface and the three-dimensional image which enter with each other the difficult mutual relations supposing ambiguity of senses. It is a point of connection of poetic thoughts and technical strategy of the author. The system of oppositions plays the important role in its pictures. The image – a symbol of a reality also is a reality.”

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