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Heart of Stone I thank God every day / In every way / For this breakable heart of mine / For it will be yours for all time. Lady Bug March Feet pounding, marching… / Trampling over hill and dale. / Disregarding the little girl / in their determined path. / March. / Bright… I dream forever still I dream forever still / Of bygone days / When event of greatest import ‘twas / The light outside my window sill. Behind Closed Lids I do not sleep / No rest for I / the constant Dreamer Forever Reaching Grasping Fingers / Reaching Forever / Towards the sky Day and Night-Night and Day Old and new. / Black and White. / Night and Day. / Day and Night. / Contradiction / Personified. Thus It Rises Rays of light and crystal shine / Breaking over the horizon / Shattering in a million / Pieces Blackest Ink on Whitest Paper My love, My only Love… / My Black and White Prince… / My Dreams, My Hopes, My Imaginings, / Captured and Immortalized /… Sweet Addiction Stuck / you will be. / As they wrap their / Spidery Black-Ink Web / Around your mind. / Tugging, Tugging you back / To their Intoxicating … Beyond the Stained Glass Breath, so warm, fogging up the / Rose tinted Pane / Misty Swirls of Smoky / Breath. / Circling In Intricate / Patterns. Sanctuary She hides her face and screams inside… Her Sanctuary. Two Halves of One Whole The brilliant, radiant sphere / reluctantly slips into a deep slumber / in the multicolored horizon. / Its last, dwindling rays of l… Hateful Words Hateful words, / Spoken in anger, / Don’t mean a thing to the speaker, / But mean everything to the reciever. / Unjust as it seems, … Flying, Flitting Inspiration An idea flits into some one’s mind / only for a moment, / as a temporary respite from the life they left behind! / A life of wandering an… Gone to Paradise Gently rolling thunder in the distance / Bids me farewell. / Leaving me bereft, / Empty as a shell. / What’s left of my broken heart utters… A Lonely Red Rose In memory of my Popo (grandfather) / A single, lonely red rose is laid gently / Upon a new grave. / It lies there strikingly bright against… The Toddler’s Dance A little girl in a tutu / and a miniature man in an inside out tshirt, / Both swinging in and out / in the chaotic dance of Toddlers. / Sh… Leaves of Every Sort Waxy Leaves and Crumpled Leaves / and leaves of every sort Dreams Fantastically unreal, perfectly grand, / Antagonized by evil, / With heroes that will stand. / Protagonists shall defeat, / The poltergeist… No Life With Out Death Life can go by so fast sometimes, / You forget just how easily it can be taken away. / Then, suddenly you’re faced with life’s crimes / A… Tickle Bug The tickle bug emerges from its cave, / Looking for a little child, / Yes, that is all it will ever crave, / A little boy or girl, wild… / … Ticking, Ticking, Ticking Away The ticking clock / Upon the wall, / Tick tock, tick tock / Time seems to crawl. / It would seem a shock, / To one and all / To know that… The Thunder On the Wind Gently rolling thunder in the distance / bids me farewell. / Leaving me bereft, / empty as a shell. / My heart utters a cry, / so sad and l… Frozen Tears Frozen Tears / Cold… / Too Cold… / My cracked and bleeding fingers / Are Frozen. / My worn and torn toes / A… Liquid Gems Crystals, / Diamonds, / Pearls, / And sapphires / Pour from the sky to the waiting Earth. / Tear drop pearls fall one after the other / For… The Painted Canvas Such a variety of colors you will never see. / Neon pink, / Baby blue, / Cottony white, / … Letting Go An overwhelming urge to cry / Creeps over the bright, positive façade / She placed as a wall around her emotions; / To hide all feeling fro…