make no mistake..........

staying stuck
what the fuck
to scared to move on and fight for what we’re worth
here in the habit
dumb as Icarus
we fly towards the sun
knowing that sun will melt us
see us undone

just stay
another day
we promise ourselves
we will get away
while the years slip three at a time
and with age our edges fray

we’ll escape
on the toss of a dime
a friendly strangers smile
don’t be so stupid
we both know you are going nowhere
speared by cupid
safe where you are
not happy, not fulfilled
with no guts left and no strength
worn down by the effort of pretence

watching from afar
the one who might
let their fingers accidentally touch ours
we dream of their lips
and embrace
a wet dream
we privately chase

bound and gagged
tied in chains
we have the keys
but we remain
locked in our own domain

it is not that I don’t respect you
so nice, so pure, perhaps the lure
But you do not speak to my soul
and every blessed day, I swallow
that poison down whole

I love you we say
inside a breaking, yearning heart longs to be elsewhere
to die loveless we choose by will
through standing still

Soaps 11.02.10

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make no mistake.......... by 

Sometimes I wonder what the hell it is that makes us stay in the wrong place. We leave a job we hate, no problem.

And we put way more effort into finding another job than we do a partner most times!

But when it comes to love, we can find ourselves staying where there is none?

We obvioulsy deem ourselves and them not worthy!


  • mikequigley
    mikequigleyover 4 years ago

    Lovely strong verse Soaps – mq

  • Thank you darling man, mwah, mwah, mwah all the way to gorgeous Ireland xx

    – Soaps

  • TheWanderingBoo
    TheWanderingBooover 4 years ago

    wonderful song and i am sure you sing it beautifully…great flow, wonderful write…

  • Thank you Boo, you shoud hear my painful Irish tune…….. ha ha ha. you are a dream. Thank you for the comment xx

    – Soaps

  • Pagly4u
    Pagly4uover 4 years ago

    Ahh Soaps…LIFE is a chance…every time we wake up we take a chance getting out of bed but we DO IT……What do you have to lose……………..Love and hugs for a great piece…….XXXX

  • Thanks baby girl. Love you loads, and this was just a reminder for me never to do that again. Merci my dear friend xxxxxx

    – Soaps

  • Matt Penfold
    Matt Penfoldover 4 years ago

    Good onya Sudsy, did you read mine or are we just on a similar wavelength today?

  • Twas a response to yours if truth be told………… you got me thinking…….. you are on it my friend well done x

    – Soaps

  • Sybille Sterk
    Sybille Sterkover 4 years ago

    Very true, but maybe it’s not just safety but the knowledge that in our experience the grass isn’t always greener in the paddock next door. If it’s worth taking a chance, I think most people will, it’s the doubt, the not-quite-sure that holds us back.

  • No MM, as much as I adore you, I can only speak for me, but I have stayed in the wrong place for years, because everyone said, he adores you, he is so nice…. but there was no love taking place. Bad for me, bad for him……… we got there in the end.. people do stay for all the wrong reasons. If they are happy that’s cool, but this piece is not about them. Thanks for your comment my lovely friend x

    – Soaps

  • Sybille Sterk
    Sybille Sterkover 4 years ago

    Hmm, I think I may have misinterpreted your poem. That I can agree with. :-) I thought you meant those people who are always looking to change because it isn’t quite right and it’s not really wrong and makes no one happy, but they don’t take a chance on anyone else because they’re safe. I think sometimes you stay were you are because what’s on offer looks much better, but deep down you know it’s not quite right either. So why swap one mediocre life for another? Make sense now?

  • We will never know if it is mediocre, but I hear what you are saying, but bugger, if it is all wrong and there is no love there, we could both be doing better than that for sure? xx

    – Soaps

  • Sybille Sterk
    Sybille Sterkover 4 years ago

    Oh definitely, if it’s wrong and makes you both unhappy you’re either better off by yourself or with a new partner. There’s no point in make each other miserable. When I am talking about ‘mediocre’ I mean sometimes you’re not quite sure about things. I always know at the beginning what’s going to go wrong, but not the end will I admit it, if that makes sense. When we’re young we’re far more prepare to NOT listen to that inner voice that tells us how that is going to end, when we get older and more experienced, we know that sometimes it pays to listen to the voice.

  • here here my darlin’ xx

    – Soaps

  • hindsight the enemy as usual xx

    – Soaps

  • msdebbie
    msdebbieover 4 years ago

    I so relate to this. Brings me back to a couple of my own too sudsy – some of the things I Was going through in 2009
    1) Icarus
    2) Roads
    It has a great pace and rhythym throughout the poem, but I wonder if you mean Yearning in the second last line? I love the image you capture with standing still – brilliant stuff Soph xoxo

  • bless you sweetie, I did indeed, grateful for the pointing, shows you read xxx

    I am only sorry that you have been here too. What is with this thing we do………. I will have a read of you xxx

    – Soaps

  • Thanks for the fave lovely girl, so nice of you xx

    – Soaps

  • eon .
    eon .over 4 years ago


  • That is so true honey, people are the biggest baggage you carry around, nice link my psychedelic friend xxxxx

    – Soaps

  • Obadiah-Qi
    Obadiah-Qiover 4 years ago

    Rationalization that perhaps it will get better? —

    Clouded into believing it never could regardless of moving on?

    Simply that we still love in light of unloving actions or thoughts?

    Nothing perceived on a self-unforeseen horizon?

    I think it varies from person to person, value to value, circumstance to circumstance.

    For me it’s always been a combination of a couple depending on the “Who, what, where, when and why” of it all.

    Super piece of writing girlfriend. Got me to wanting to carry on again, but I’ll spare you my ranting ;P

  • bless you lovely man, I can hear from your comment that you got what I was saying and threw in there your opinion, tis what this is all about. Thank you so much xxx

    – Soaps

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