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Violation of Youth...

I wrote this a while ago about a number of kids I’ve had the pleasure of knowing through my involvement in basketball and life… I have two daughters and coach a lot of their teams… I’ve had friends who’ve fostered kids for many reasons… I’ve seen the sytem let these kids down so often… So I merged those experiences and came up with this…
Some of it’s very very true… Disturbingly true!!!
Keeping that in mind you may need a Kleenex!!!


He snuck into her room
Late one night
When all was quiet
He put his hand across her lips
And threatened her existence
If she offered any resistance

In the morning back at school
She could not understand
No-one was there to hold her hand
She just had to make it through
Not a word to anyone
Of the violation that had been done

A problem child they labelled her
For she couldn’t seem to gel
But she was living life in hell
Doing what she felt she needed
To allow the pain to heal
So her body did not feel

On the court she played with venom
One thing nobody could deny
Nor did they bother to ask why
Just cut her down with evil words
Considered her the nasty one
Never knowing what was done

Every night the pain continued
Until finally she broke
Words of empathy were spoke
But too late to save her life
Her childhood was now gone
But still she battled on

And although he’d left her life
He etched upon it something dark
Left an unforgiving mark
And still held his head up high
As he lived his life of choice
But took with him her voice

So she gave away her passion
Gave her love to those who asked
Alone in grief she basked
For she knew no other way
And so they slandered her sweet name
And they pushed her from the game

In ten years of basketball
I had never seen such need
Such desire to succeed
To have it taken form her grasp
Was as evil as the act
That had marked her life so black

But they couldn’t hold her down
She had too much drive to win
To much fortitude within
With no support from those around
She simply did it her own way
And left them with nothing more to say

At fifteen though still a babe
She left her family home
And begun one of her own
With a boy she’d met on court
Who payed no notice to the slanders
Disregarded her meanders

For he loved her deep inside
And the love he offered her each day
Would surely keep the pain away
And through the darkest coldest nights
He was there to hold her hand
To stand beside her as her man

And so now ends this story
Although I urge you to take note
Upon your little ones do dote
Listen to their every word
Do not brush their tales aside
Or let them be taken by the tide

For an evil lies so close
In places you wouldn’t even think
An evil stench, an awful stink
One you surely can’t imagine
That is rotten to the core
Our kids deserve and need much more.

© T. B. Jackson 2006.


  • Harlequin
    Harlequinover 6 years ago

    Simply beautiful Trev – very poignant and sensitive. Our kids deserve much much more! Harles

  • snowwombat
    snowwombatover 6 years ago

    Thanks Julia… Still brings tears to my eyes!!!

  • Michelle Hogan
    Michelle Hoganover 6 years ago

    I’m glad I took the time to read this. Great words……..I work with children also and some of them are so angry…when their life should be so carefree and happy. It’s not fair that their childhood is lost….

  • Yes it’s a shame these things happen… It’s a bigger shame that people try to ignore them or hide hoping the problems will just go away… Children deserve so much more…
    Thanks for the comment…

    – snowwombat