Nikolay Semyonov

Nikolay Semyonov

Rostov-na-Donu, Russian Federation

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“Only God creates. The rest of us just copy.” (Michelangelo)

Resides in Rostov-na-Donu, South Russia.
The artist has a firm illusion that all the photos and 2Ds shown here are the landmarks he’s been leaving behind. He claims that he has no particular subjects to follow (perhaps he suffers from a lack of concentration) and prefers to focus on what (never “why”) moves him at a particular moment.

His art is sporadic, ranging from pure photography to Wacom Intuos 5 Touch + Corel Painter doodling. Some of his works here result from modifying his photographs using virtual brushes. He also states that each work presented here is closely related to the place and mood of the moment and should be treated accordingly.

Part of his numerous art has been sold here at RB.Any copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images is okay but only after a written consent from the artist. Any issue can be solved, if you write directly to the artist using RB mail.

  • Joined: October 2007


On Homepage!

Embarkation is on the Redbubble homepage today/ Great news!
Posted 4 months – 10 comments

Featured on RB Front Page

My latest work, embarkation two is on the Redbubble homepage today. Good news!
Posted 5 months – 14 comments

Dining Car Sold!

I’ve just made a sale on Redbubble! It’s a pencil skirt decorated with my “dining car” image. Size: XXL. Thank you to the anonymous buyer whose pens now will be kept in the skirt with my picture.
Posted 6 months – 4 comments


Three greeting cards + one art print of “Ararat, Noah” have just been bought. Thank you, my anonymous buyer, for choosing this particular work of mine as it’s one of those I am proud of.
Posted 6 months – 6 comments

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