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The Polar Bear Adventure

One day, the Polar Bear family: Mama, Papa, Brother Bear and the twins, Luke and Lu-Lu were trying to think of what they could do to have some fun.

Well, we could go for a walk up along the bay said Mama.. It’s a nice sunny day for a walk and the spring flowers are starting to bloom and it smells so beautiful .

I don’t like flowers said Brother. Last year, when we went up there, I stopped to smell a flower and a bee stung my nose. I could not smell anything for two weeks after that. I do not want to go there, Mama .

Oh dear, said Mama.. That was last year Brother, you know now, to be careful.

Yes, Mama I do, but can we do something else, pleaseeeee ? Brother was thinking that he would like to go with his friends. That would be more fun.

Papa, do you have any ideas asked Brother ? You always have good ideas !

Papa stood up on his hind legs and stuck his nose in the air . Sniff ! Sniff ! Sniff ! Well, he said it smells like a good fishing day to me !

Oh No, Lu-Lu said. Papa, Luke and I do not know how to fish, we are to little yet. Also you told us that now spring is here, that Luke and I are not allowed to play to close to the water. We do not want to float out to sea on a piece of ice, Pa-Pa .

Yes, you are right Lu-Lu, I did say that. I was just checking to see if you remembered. grrrrrrrr ! Papa groaned. I sure would love some fish though, but another time.

Brother Bear, what would you like to do Papa asked ?

Well …. I was hoping that I could go with my friends, and go fishing with them. May I please go, pleaseeee ? I could bring you back some fish, Papa .

Well, it’s OK with me, Grrrrrr ! I love fish ! Mama, what do you think about that ?

If you promise that you will be careful, Brother Bear, and be home by sundown my son.

Oh I will, I will, said Brother bear so very excited that he could go. I promise ! May I leave now and go meet the boys, Mama ?

OK, you can go, but please be careful, she said !

Oh Thank you Mama and Papa ! Brother said, I will be careful .

Papa said, Just don’t forget to bring home some fish for your Papa. Grrrrrrr !!!! I love fish !

I won’t , Brother said laughing as he was walking away quickly to meet his friends, Good Bye, he said !

Good Bye, everyone said at once, have fun !

Luke and Lu-Lu were bored. They wanted to do something different. They wanted to go on an adventure. They were thinking, and thinking, and thinking …..ummmmmm !!!!!

Luke and Lulu cuddled together like they always do. We have to think of something that is lots of fun that we all like to do. Lu-Lu said, yes, a big adventure, something we have not done yet, Luke said. Let’s think real hard Lu-Lu. ummmmmm !!!!

I have an idea, Luke said ! We can got for a walk over to the clearing where the berries grow. You know, Mama the place you told Lu-Lu and I about? That would be a fun place to go, he said. We never have eaten berries before.

Oh yes, that is a wonderful idea Luke, Lu-Lu said. May we pleaseeeeee go Mama they both asked together, pleaseeeeee Papa ?

Would you like to go over to Berry Rock and see if any berries are ready yet Papa, Mama asked ?

Grrrrrrrr !!! I love berries, Papa groaned. Almost as much as I love fish ! Grrrrrrr !!!!

It’s a long walk children, Mama said.

We will be OK, Mama. It will be fun ! We can play some games on the way. Like, I spy with my little eye or tag or name that flower or …..

Oh my goodness children, that will be fun, Mama said. When we get there we will be hungry for sure.

So we can eat all the berries we want, the children said together. Then they laughed together.

Grrrrrrrrr !!! I love berries, Papa groaned, almost as much as I love fish. Grrrrrrrr !!!

So off they went on their adventure …….

Papa Bear led the way to Berry Rock. With Luke and Lu-Lu trailing and playing, I spy with my little eye, right behind him with Mama Bear.

I spy with my little eye something yellow and white, Lu-Lu said.

Oh, I know what that is, said Mama. That is a beautiful Crocus flower. They are one of the first to bloom in the spring time, she said.

It is just beautiful, Mama ! The twins said together. Because the twins always said and did things together.

Your turn Luke, Lu-Lu said.

I spy with my little eye something grey & white, he said.

Mama, Papa and Lu-Lu looked around. Then Papa said, well, that is Mr. Raccoon, he exclaimed !

Hello Mr. Raccoon !

Good day Bear family, Mr. Raccoon said. How are you all doing today?

We are all fine, thank you, Papa said. How are you and your family, he asked ?

We are all fine, Mr Raccoon answered.

We are going to Berry Rock to eat lots of berries, the twins said together.

Mr. Raccoon said well, you are going to the right place. Our family went there yesterday and there sure are a lot of berries there.

Good, said Papa, because I love berries almost as much as I love fish ! Grrrrrrr !!! He Groaned !!!

Well, good bye for now, have a good day ! Say Hello to Mrs. Raccoon and your family, Mama said.

OK, I will, Mr. Raccoon said . Good bye, and he scurried off to find his family.

The Bear family started on their way again down the trail.

Mama it is your turn to play, I spy now, the twins said together.

Well, just then they were turning a corner on the trail and Mama spotted something that was black and white hiding in the tall grass. She then said, I spy with my little eye something that is black & white in the grass.

The twins looked and looked, but they could not see what is was.

Mama, we can’t see anything because the grass is too tall here, the twins said together. What is it Mama, what is it ?

Mama said, It is a baby calf playing peek a boo.

The little calf was so shy, that it then scurried off across the path. right in front of them.

Oh, Mama and Papa , they said together, she is so very pretty. We have never seen a calf before. This is the best adventure ever ! We are having so much fun, they said together.

Papa, it is your turn to play I spy now.

OK, Papa said, I spy with my little eye something blue !

Right then they were at the creek and the water was so blue, that the twins both said together. It’s water !

Yup, Papa said, you are right !

Maybe we should stop for a rest here. Luke and I can check if there are any fish for our lunch !

Yes, Mama said, that is a good idea. We will rest and Papa, you and Luke can catch lunch for us.

Grrrrrrr !!! I love to fish, he said. Fish is my favorite thing in the whole world, he groaned again …. Grrrrrrr !!!!!

Grrrrrrr !!!! groaned Luke, and they all laughed .

So Mama and Lu-Lu rested and talked, while Papa and Luke went to the creek to catch lunch.

After everyone had a good fish lunch and a rest, the bear family started back on their adventure again.

Papa said, Grrrrrrrr !!! that was the best lunch ever, but I love berries too, almost as much as I love fish ! Grrrrrrr !!!! he groaned !!!!

We think we do also Papa, the twins said together. Grrrrrrrrr !!!! and they laughed !

Well good, said Papa, because we are at Berry Rock as soon as we turn the corner.

Yipeeeeeeeee! The twins shouted together. Yipeeeee !

The twins raced ahead and right as they went around the big rock, there it was. A big meadow full of berries. Just like Mama had told them about in their bed time stories.

Oh Mama, Papa, this is the prettiest place in the whole wide world, they said together. We love it here !

Yes it is, Mama said. Papa and I come here every year to eat berries. Brother Bear also loves it here. After we eat some berries, we can pick some to take home for Brother Bear, she said.

So you two go have fun and eat, but do not wander of too far, she said.

We won’t Mama, they said together laughing. They then scampered into the meadow and picked berries.

I won’t wander too far either Mama, Papa said laughing. Grrrrrrrr !!!!!! He groaned ! I love Berries almost as much as I love Fish ! Grrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!

The Bear family enjoyed their beautiful adventure together playing and eating berries until it was time to go back home to their den.

Everyone had a very full tummy, saying Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!

We love berries almost as much as we love fish !!!!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!! All the way home .

Story & Artwork By: Madeline M. Allen

The Polar Bear Adventure

Madeline M  Allen

Winnipeg, Canada

  • Artist
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Artist's Description

This story is dedicated to my Darling Grand-Children. Ricky, Jordanna, Shaylene, Faith, and Kenny. I love you all and love every adventure we share together !

Love & Hugs ,

Thank you for viewing my work
Image copyright © 2008, Madeline M. Allen Copying and displaying or redistribution of this image without permission from the artist is strictly prohibited

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