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A Sale of 14 cards! WhoooHooo! :)

A Huge Thank You to my mystery buyer for the purchase of 14 cards. I am so pleased and hope that you enjoy each one of them. Many Blessings!
Maddy / SmudgeArt

You sold a cards of "FETCH "about 5 hours ago

You sold a cards of “A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME”about 5 hours ago

You sold a cards of “I Love You”about 5 hours ago

You sold a cards of “OUT-STRETCHED WINGS”about 5 hours ago

You sold a cards of “COOL GOOSE”about 5 hours ago

You sold a cards of “GLACIER BAY”about 5 hours ago

You sold a cards of “SUN FLOWERS”about 5 hours ago

You sold a cards of “From My Love”about 5 hours ago

You sold a cards of “ORANGE DAY LILIES”about 5 hours ago

You sold a cards of " REFLECTIONS OF TIME PASSED&qu…

INTERVIEW ~ Anthony (Tony) Vella

Good Day to all of you wonderful Redbubble Friends and Bubbler’s. It is my greatest pleasure to present to you at SmudgeArt Global Interviews this AMAZING Interview with our very own Tony Vella.
Read the incredible History about Tony’s beautiful Homeland of Malta and view wonderful photography not yet here at Redbubble

So be sure to grab yourself a cup of java and get comfortable for a story that will “BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF”.

Please show your support of this Dear Friend of Ours and leave him a message at the comment section on the SmudgeArt Global Interview Blog and pass the Blog link around to your friends and family.

For those of you that JOIN the Follow List on this BLOG You may be the next one chosen TO BE INTERVIEWED

Kind Regards,
Madeline / Maddy / SmudgeAr

Hello Bubble Friends, Would You Like Your Art & Website Promoted?....

Hi Friends. I’ve not been around the Bubble often these days. I’ve been working very long hours with getting my card shop and gift shops stocked. The reason for this note is to let you know that I have started a SmudgeArt NEWS BLOG and thought that I’d like to Plug Your Websites Or Gallery with links on my blog.
This is just a little jesture of friendship and gratefulness for all of your love and support you have given me over the years at RB.
Also down the road I’m wanting to do interviews and showcase artwork / photography.
So if you are following MY BLOG I will know you are interested in this idea.
Please forward me your website address at THIS ADDRESS ~ madelineallen@mts.net ~ PLEASE DO NOT USE THE REDBUBBLE BUBBLEMAIL FOR THIS

Also would you please Mention …

Sold A XL Canvas Print of "TROMBONES"

Thank You to the shopper that purchased an extra large Canvas Print of my artwork
“TROMBONES”. I am so very honored and pleased. I hope that you enjoy it very much. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones and may your New Year be filled with Blessings.
Madeline / SmudgeArt

16 Dec 09 TROMBONES Canvas Print

SALE Of A Large Framed Print

This print Sold Recently to a buyer that sent me this email of thanks….

I wanted to write you and let you know I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of ‘Pirate’s Cove by night’. I searched through hundreds of pieces online within multiple websites before I found your work. I am so excited to see it in person…….Thank you for your fantastic work!
Melissa USA
She wrote a very touching note that I won’t share without her permission. She did not leave an email address in her bubble mail , but I wish she did.

I would like to say…
Please Contact me …. I very much would like to thank you and share something with you in an email ! Hugs to you Dear Lady … my email address is
…. madelineallen@mt…