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My Advent's Calendar 2010

Since some years and the love to share the passion for photographs with other photgraphers it’s been nice tradition to make a daily Advent’s Calendar: One picture a day, one surprise added to it. A little story, one recipe, a song, something to share and think about a little. It’s beside of other reasons and joy to spend little surprise to others and not only to children a chance to thank my buddies and friends for the joy sharing serveral passions the months and days before and each year – photo, food, moments, emotions and thoughts and the friendship grown up during the last about 6 years since starting with photography in a complete different way than before.

So I did this year again. One thing’s new: While opening a daily little door with a daily post in my usual blog like my food blog SmoothBreeze7sArtPhoto or others of my blogs and in a photographers community during the last years I decided this year to “open” a seperate blog for it and to publish it in English. I have to apologize for some mistakes You ‘ll find – hope You’ll step in nevertheless and feel welcome.
And here it is – LizchensAdventskalender

Hope You like it, feel free to visit it and to leave some comments there, if You like.

Wish You a wonderful time of 24 moments ’til Christmas.
My best greetings 4 all of You sharing photo passion, kind contacts and spending suprises daily with YOUR comments and even so much inspiration with Your works and impressions and many wonderful compliments and encouraging features of my little works.

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