Woof Woof!! Udon Says Thank You!

Many thanks to the hosts of A Beautiful Blur for featuring Always By Your Side

That’s Estella, Udon’s favourite gal in the house :D This is a shot of Udon half asleep. If you look closely, he has his paws over her, now you know how protective he can be of his gal! Udon’s growing fast, he’s now about 25 kg and he has only achieved half of his potential. He has some dental issues….his lower set of teeth is not fully developed and the vet said he’s a late developer. He also has another problem. He has only 1 testicle and nope, the other one has not popped out yet or maybe it will never pop out. He’s still my Baby even though he seems “incomplete” ;D

Always By Your Side

Here’s some other photos of Udon

Do I look like a seal pup?

Can you pack me along?

Udon’s little washroom

Thank you for the all the love and hugs you have showered on Udon, he loves you all!! ^ _ ^


  • Melzo318
    Melzo318over 6 years ago

    I love him!! I hope all goes well with his health issues. The flaws are what gives everyone character!! We can’t all be perfect, but we can all still be lovably adorable!! :D

  • smile4me
    smile4meover 6 years ago

    I hope I can translate what you wrote into canine language, that will be so encouraging for Udon! Thanks Ozzy, hugs!! :D

  • Donna Adamski
    Donna Adamskiover 6 years ago

    Congrats on your feature Ellen…One of my other chows, Tyke, had the testicle issue. It never popped out and he had no problems because of it. We did eventually get him nuetered though.

  • Thank you Donna!! :D Udon doesnt have any probs with it either, we intend to get him nuetered within the next few months too :D

    – smile4me

  • Cazzie Cathcart
    Cazzie Cathcartover 6 years ago

    Yay!!! theres my Beautiful Bear!!! Congrates Udon and Ellen hehe!!!! Biggest Huggles to you both!! xx

  • Thank you so much Cazzie!! When he stands upright, he really looks like the brown grizzly bear and my neighbours adore him too! :D

    – smile4me

  • FaeryHuggles
    FaeryHugglesover 6 years ago

  • stephaniek
    stephaniekover 6 years ago


  • Thanks so much Steph! Many hugs from me and Udon, watch out for his saliva!! :D

    – smile4me

  • Anita Inverarity
    Anita Inverarityover 6 years ago

    Awwwww He’s adorable. Congratzzzzzz xx

  • Thanks very much Anita! He brightens up my life, he’s my alarm clock every morning, he will whiny noises to wake me up because he needs to go to his toilet :D

    – smile4me

  • Virginia N. Fred
    Virginia N. Fredover 6 years ago

    What a beauty he is

  • Yes, I think so too, Gina :D Thank you ^ _ ^

    – smile4me

  • frozenfa
    frozenfaover 6 years ago

    awwwwwwwwww… shweet!! what a lovely news to wake up to!! Congrats Ellen, Congrats Udon!! My my.. Udon’s growing into a big bear!! 25kg, no wonder you got problem carrying him!! hehehe.. Hope Udon will continue be healthy and happy. it’s ok to be incomplete, as long as there’s someone to love and care for him, i think he’ll feel very happy and loved already~ X) love Udon!! XD

  • Halo!! Left you a note on your zazzle wall, you sabai dee mai (you ok? in thai)? I can no longer carry him liao…he seems happy and now his sparring skills have improved tremendously, poo pup is no longer his match :D

    – smile4me

  • © Karin  Taylor
    © Karin Taylorover 6 years ago

    aw, i just love Udon….he’s so so so adorable, and congratulations on the feature ellen!! i so wanna hug the little guy ;) xxx

  • Let me go bathe him first before you hug him ^ _ ^ Thanks so much Karin!!

    – smile4me