Woof Woof!! Udon Says Thank You!

Many thanks to the hosts of A Beautiful Blur for featuring Always By Your Side

That’s Estella, Udon’s favourite gal in the house :D This is a shot of Udon half asleep. If you look closely, he has his paws over her, now you know how protective he can be of his gal! Udon’s growing fast, he’s now about 25 kg and he has only achieved half of his potential. He has some dental issues….his lower set of teeth is not fully developed and the vet said he’s a late developer. He also has another problem. He has only 1 testicle and nope, the other one has not popped out yet or maybe it will never pop out. He’s still my Baby even though he seems “incomplete” ;D

Always By Your Side

Here’s some other photos of Udon

Do I look like a seal pup?


Yay!! Features ^ _ ^

This is abit belated but allow me to share with you some of my featured works last week and this week.

Many thanks to RedBubble that Udon’s shot,“Do I look like a seal pup?”was featured on homepage last week :D Udon got extra dog treats to celebrate the feature as well! ^ _ ^

Many thanks also to the Light In Darkness group for featuring Secret Rendezvous last week and Gotcha this week :D

Do I Look Like A Seal Pup?

Secret Rendezvous


"Nosy Ophelia" featured in "That's Funny"

Many thanks to Caren and “That’s Funny” group for featuring my “Nosy Ophelia” Thanks Caren for giving me the nudge to submit this shot! :D

Just in case you are wondering what Ophelia is being nosy about…I’ve attached the story below :D

Now Ophelia is being a little nosy here, she’s trying to see what goes on inside the house, a couple seems to be quarrelling. She doesn’t have to eavesdrop over what is being transpired because she has such an acute sense of hearing. “Oh! Not about money again, the root of all domestic woes! Ophelia hooted.

I'm so Happy,I sold stamps and cards in Zazzle :D :D :D

Hi everyone,just want to share the joy and excitement that I had when I found out somebody bought 1 set of my Peek-A-Boo stamps and 10 Frangipani (1) cards from my second Zazzle Gallery,Heartworks. Enormous thanks to this buyer! :D (To my friends from my udonchow gallery,my apologies that you have to see this posting twice)


“Frangipani (1)