Earth Two

“Can people live and work in space-station cities? Can we terraform our Moon and Mars, or at least prepare there shelters in case of global emergency? Can we move our factories into orbit, which at present are killing our environment? Can we build artificial planetoids around our sun, instead of just overpopulating and overusing our planet? Can we mine our asteroid belt? These are but a few of millions of questions, which we want to discuss and portray in our anthology from a scientific, artistic, and fictional perspective. That’s what might help get us up there … before it’s too late.”

Written by Bob Bello, 2010 before Diaspora of the Human Race yr. 2197

Many years ago, an idea was set forth by a visionary named Bob Bellos. The answer to all of his questions was simply…“YES”.

After many years of study and calculations, the building of Earth Two begins. Against a backdrop of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, the ribs of Earth Two sparkles. In the exact orbit of earth, but on the opposite side of the Sun, the planetoid was put in geosynchronous orbit. This was done by starting small and as the structure grew continuing to put redundant systems in to either maintain, or maneuver out, of that orbit. After all, a new world does not work if it endangers the original one. When completed, this world will be a working duplicate of the the original. A geothermal core and a gravitational envelope.

Long range haulers were built and connected for the purposes of factories and living quarters. They ring the new skeleton. Building materials are being brought from the asteroid belt, where other factory/habitats have been built. Ice asteroids were also discovered. There are enough of these to supply several worlds with oceans.

There will be problems, but we, the Human Race, will solve them.

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At the beginning of the Diaspora of the Human Race yr. 2197, in which man started to leave the Solar System, an enormous task was begun. Man had learned to coexist with nature, Earth was a paradise, but there was one thing that he had not learned to tame…his curiosity and his wander lust. His need to expand, to create, to see what is on that other shore.


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  • Sassafras
    Sassafrasover 4 years ago

    “There will be problems, but we, the Human Race, will solve them.”—
    this is the scariest thought of all!!! We will solve them?
    We can’t run with scissors and we’re going to solve them?

    Forgive me as I snigger up my sleeve.

  • This calls for a long debate…..

    – S McKoy

  • Sassafras
    Sassafrasover 4 years ago

    When we have cleaned up the mess we’ve made of this beautiful blue planet, then let us speak of inhabiting another. Until then, as a young friend is fond of saying," no, no..mama".

  • I hear ya.

    – S McKoy

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