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I am a musician and artist. You can hear some of my stuff here , but really it might be better for your ears if you remain firmly here :)

Cream Coloured Cat
Soon the world will be mine
Said the hamster to the cream
Coloured cat. A mouthful later
And the dream was little more than that.

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Exeter Photo Shoot - in the rain...

Yesterday (Saturday the 28th to be precise) I joined Sam Fletcher to try and expose the photogenic side to Exeter, Devon’s largest city. / We picked a great day: it rained, hard, and was finger-numbingly cold (useful when holding a large and heavy camera). Still, I can now report that the Sony Alpha A300 DSLR is completely waterproof – despite being drenched (and with a worrying patc…
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Featured Fifty-Four Times So Far!

A huge thank you to these groups and their moderators: / >*Bits and Pieces*, for featuring “Deco” / >*Current Issues*, for featuring “No Simple Issue” / >*Yellow Fever*, for featuring “Decisions!” / >*Stillness Speaks*, for featuring “Peace” / >*Art Action Union – Creative Acivism*, for featuring “Whale” / >*The T…
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7th Sale!!!!!!

Thanks to Strand for buying a card of Norway: / Happy!
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4th homepage feature..

I’ve taken a while to put this up, but amazingly I have had another image featured on the rb homepage. Happiness. / / Mine’s Aerial, the bottom left one.
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