What's going on?

I haven’t been on RB as much for a while, but I still visit.

What’s all this Webcake stuff? Does anybody else get it?

And then some ad appearing at the bottom of the screen. Is it something on my computer or is it a RedBubble “initiative”?

Such activity could see me leaving forever.

  • Update

Okay, it was software that somehow ended up on my computer. Bloody hell! Who would want this? How did I get it?


  • Paul Todd
    Paul Toddover 1 year ago

    Anyway, I think I’ve defeated it.

  • Fred Mitchell
    Fred Mitchellover 1 year ago

    It is good to get rid of rubbish. So far I have been fortunate and not had any.

  • Steven Guy
    Steven Guyover 1 year ago

    Just noticed the webcake at the bottom of my page, I’m to scared to click it !!
    But this is my first night back in a long time as well and I startle easily.

  • Hehe. Well, it was some program that somehow installed on my PC. I googled how to get rid of it. It can be removed in the Control Panel. I think it was just coincidence that I first saw it on RB, thank goodness.

    – Paul Todd