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Hello! My name is Fawn and I have a small passion for creating artwork.

Contrasts make me warm and tingly.

My favorite medium is pen and ink, but I also like playing around on Photoshop. I’m trying to branch out and push myself to try out different styles and subjects in my spare time, though my day job steals most of my time and energy, so I may not update that frequently.

I’m currently living in NW WA with my loving husband and an albino corn snake, all of which inspire me to create beautiful things.

I’ve come here to share my artwork with a wider audience, and hopefully be able to sell a couple things as well ;)

I have my artwork posted up on DeviantART as well, but I would like to also like to have things available here. Go check it out if you like:


Also, I’m on Facebook:


  • Age: 34
  • Joined: June 2008