"This photo doesn't look real somehow -- "

A long time customer’s reaction to a top selling photographer’s new image.

“This photo doesn’t look real somehow — "

Welcome to the world of modern photography.
It is a little disturbing the direction camera makers are headed. Faster, sharper than the human eye and its all getting a little unreal. And all the time getting a little further away from what you really see out in the field.
Its like they have to compete with what people are used to on their HD TV sets.
When I compare what my new DSLR is giving me to my best slide film images something is missing. Sad.
The funny thing is my old film images are more popular, get the most views and outsell my digital images.

“This photo doesn’t look real somehow — "
Why don’t you add your comment to the picture and it may help bring the photographer back to a more natural reality. You may be doing him a favor and the world of modern photography in general.

p.s. Things are getting so sharp that photography of the human face has become downright unflattering. ABC World News anchor (USA) now has to be shot slightly out of focus.


  • WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
    WhiteDove Stud...over 2 years ago

    Gotta get my old victrola and my vinyls out…..

  • Amazingly there is a surprising number of people prefer the sound from vinyl.
    Me I prefer the convenience of CDs.
    But for surf photography I love my DSLR and its HD video feature and the fact that photolabs will never scratch my negs again.
    Photoshop is a great tool but use it sparingly.

    – kevin smith skystudiohawaii

  • Virginia McGowan
    Virginia McGowanover 2 years ago

    agree Kevin mine sell better “as is..”
    and painitngs should look like a painting too not a photograph! ; -)))

  • djphoto
    djphotoover 2 years ago

    Great point Kevin agreed A computer can not fool the mind :)
    A long time ago I used to play a trick on my friends with studio qty recordings, making them think someone else was in the studio. You can’t achive this with digital, it just does not work. somehow your mind can tell the difference. It’s the same with images :)
    Here is an example :

    Click the image to see the dif between 35mm & DiGI