Matt Benson

Matt Benson

Palmer Lake, United States

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I am a native Coloradan. Born and raised enjoying the wilderness of the rockies gave me an appreciation for beauty in the natural world. i fell in love with trying to capture a moment in a picture, moment of film or words. I love to share stories through various mediums to the world. this is just one facet of the experience.

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I made a sale, 25 Cards, Much thanks to the person who bought the “Wash over Me” cards. I would love to know who you are. / thanks / Matt
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Im out

yo, for whoever reads this. im taking a break, its not that i dont like looking at your photos and whatever, but well. im not being productive in other areas of my life that need to be taken care of. so, ill see you in a few weeks. laters.
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hello anyone who reads this. / so i have been a member of Flickr for awhile, a lot longer than Redbubble. and i just wanted to say, you guys are awesome. the community here seems to be a lot friendlier, especially to aspiring photographers like myself. so thanks. / Matt
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so… my camera broke, and well it wasnt that good to begin with. my budgets super tight, but i am in the market for a new “pro” camera, or prosumer, basically Digital SLR more than 6 mpx. any suggestions?
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