welcome to my redbubble site….

here you will find my explorations of the human form.

many thanks must go to my fantastic and beautiful wife, who not only puts up with my passion for photography, but also models for me! she will be the main focus of this site! but who knows, there may also be a self-portrait every now and then…..

i hope you enjoy, and i value your comments

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well well well…… / just on the bubble and having a bit of a browse, and i come across a painting that looked very similar to one of my photos! / needless to say, i was not impressed, and have since asked the offending person to remove the item from his portfolio! this person passes his paintings off as originals, but they are obviously nothing but fraudulent copies!!! / has anyone el…
Posted about 4 years – 10 comments


i just had 3 of my images removed for ‘gratuitous nudity’! / this is freaking ridiculous! / gotta love the ‘fun police’!!! / sd
Posted over 4 years – 11 comments