I love photography, art and writing. I started out on one of those little 12 shot cameras and figured out I really wanted to learn more about photography. When I was about 17 I got my first 35mm, it was a cheap one a Kalimar. I had all kinds of lenses and filters and learned so much but I wanted a little nicer camera. After a few years of practice I got a Pentax K 1000 and had it for a year or so and had to sell it because of money problems in my family. That was a sad day for me but my family at the time was more important. A few years ago my husband got me an Olympus D 535 digital. I didn’t know what to do with it when I first got it and didn’t even have a computer at the time but I learned what I could and then I got my computer and that helped me so much more. I had that camera for about 3 years and my husband recently bought me a Kodak Z 1015. It is so amazing compared to the little Olympus that I had, so much to learn but is so exciting. I can’t wait now to get out there and see what it can really do. Well the Kodak messed up processing one day and I decided to take it back. It was too slow anyways. I ended up getting a Fuji S 2000 HD. I looked for a week before I made my decision and this camera is pretty awesome. It can do so much more than the Kodak and the picture quility is better too. I am glad I went this route.
There has been so much to learn as far as the computer and all the things you can do with all this stuff, it is so amazing.

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Thanks to all who have commented and featured my work since July 29, 2009!!!

Thanks to all who have commented and featured my work. I have not been on the bubble since July 29 as we were in a very bad car wreck! My husband and I were hurt badly and have been going through therapy since then. Our truck was completely totaled and the girl that hit us was only 20 years old with no drivers license…the truck she was in was not even hers and she hit us from behind at a hi…
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In Flight Featured!

In Flight was featured in For the Love of Jesus!
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Flower And Butterfly Featured

Thank You!!! Living Christianity.
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Thank You All Things Orange Artwork Gallery for my win in the top ten with Jesus is Lord!
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