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the reality

I close my eyes then open them again
To see the reality of our world.
The world we have created.
Where people and technology change so fast,
We’re not sure of who or where we are from one day to the next.

The world we have created.
Where the average family consists of 2.3 children,
Where living life to the fullest means merely ‘outliving’ your children
Where family is no longer a sacred word but one that gets manipulated in courtrooms.

The world we have created.
Where technology dominates human emotional needs
Where computers take human jobs in the workplace
Pretty soon we’ll be served by computers in fast-food outlets,
And the people who serve us now aren’t very far off.

The world we have created.
Where putting food on the table means more to us than the reason why we do it.
Where making time for our kids is a chore
And getting to know ourselves isn’t even a thought to cross our minds.

The world we have created.
Where the elderly are no longer the wise ones, but wrinkled people whose homes take up good development space.
Where babies spend more time with the nanny than their parents
And people marry because it’s the right thing to do.

The world we have created.
Where we believe McDonalds meets all of our dietary needs,
Where children go to school to learn and may never come home again
And where violence and wars have become entertainment rather than the horror that they are.

The world we have created.
Where true love is only something read about in fairy tales
Where our ‘babies’ are having babies
And then our hospitals that have no room to take care of them.

I know a different world.
The world i have created.
Where the local shopkeeper knows my name.
Where fame and fortune happen to ‘normal’ people who follow their dreams
Where my body is my temple
And where i treasure my youth as well as my wisdom.

The world i have created.
Where learning is an expansion of the soul.
Where my parents are the first i tell of changes in my life
And where my siblings are my friends.

The world i have created.
Where i know i can make a difference
Where emotional honesty equals growth
And where resolve is a positive word.

The world i have created
Where every one of us has a soul, we’ve just been denying it for too long.
Where every one of us has that joy, that passion and that zest for life
We just need to know how to rekindle it again.

The world i have created.
Where human touch is more healing than a word.
Where the only thing that stops us is our own limitations
And where expressions of the soul are as common as computers in stores.

The world i have created.
Is something we all have living inside our hearts
Something our souls have been crying out for centuries for,
And something we can now achieve.
We’ve all been searching for that something more,
And if we just open our eyes to the truth
Maybe, just maybe…we’ll all find that world we’ve been craving for.

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