I’m currently a sophomore at the Cleveland Institute of Art, working towards a degree in biomedical illustration.
That being said, most of the stuff you’ll find in here is from high school and my freshman year of college. Some are from sketchbooks, some are actual assignments.
I welcome all comments and criticisms (frankly, i’d like to hear more of the latter)

Pleased to meet you

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First Sale!

big thanks to malcy for liking pygocentrus machina enough to buy it
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i have this scar on the back of my right hand, from some botched medical procedure when i was an infant. for me, it’s always been an odd conversation starter. / today a girl grabbed my hand while i wasn’t looking an turned it into a smiley-face. / i never thought about it that way.
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10 days, 56lbs, 76mi

those of you who keep me on your watchlist and those of you who know me personally may have noticed that i haven’t posted anything for about two weeks now. There’s a simple explanation for this: i’ve been backpacking in the mountains of New Mexico. / It is a harrowing tale involving buffalo, blisters, pack-sores, sunburns, powdered food, and a trip up and down a mountain. / I to…
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