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S.J. Scales

S.J. Scales

St.albans, United Kingdom

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Let me introduce myself, my name is S.J.Scales but to my friends I’m S.J.
I started thinking about being a wedding photographer, but I soon realised that I have more talent than “can I have the brides family please” I am not ruling it out yet!!! My love for the camera won’t let me, I see a camera and it’s like a nervous twitch owww camera have to pick up…. :) very entertaining for my family who delight in handing me a camera at there parties.
Found my calling in the art world as a photographic artist I have been described as urban realist with a natural flare.
So there you go that’s me S.J. I have been working within the arts for nine years now and loving every minute of it. So if you would like to contact please don’t hesitate.
Thank you for taking the time in reading about me love to you.

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