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Homage to Man Ray by Paul Eluard

Stumbled across this piece of writing and liked it so much thought I’d share it here…

’The storm of a robe which falls
Then a simple body without clouds
So come and tell me all your charms
You who have had your share of happiness
And who often bewails the dismal fate of the one who made you so happy
You who have no desire to reason
You who knew not how to create a man
Without loving another

In the ebb and flow of a body which undresses
Akin to the breast of twilight
The eye forms in line on the neglected dunes
Where the fountains hold naked hands within their claws
Vestiges of bare forehead pale cheeks beneath the eyelashes of the horizon
A rocket-like tear betrothed to the past
To know that light was fertile
Childish swallows mistake the earth for the sky

The dark room where the stones of cold are bare
Do not say you have no fear
Your look is level with my shoulder
You are too lovely to preach chastity

In the dark room where even the wheat
is born of greediness

Remain unmoving
And you are alone’

- By Paul Eluard

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