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RB = Radically Betterer

Don’t you think. / Well done RB crew. / In other news, has anyone else got a bmail from ? / Is it SPAM or is it for realz ?
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12:31 - These are freaky amazing images.

Can you figure out how it was done ? / Click here for the answer and a few more images
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Imaginary Foundation : Evolve and Remix

So Threadless recently printed a tee which is remarkably similar to an Imaginary Foundation design. / (I.F. on the left, Threadless on the right) / Instead of getting in a lawyer, I.F. have taken a different approach and opened up the doors for everyone to have a go with the original source file elements from their own design. / Clicky here for the full story and join in the fun if you have the t…
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Jetplanes in the TATE

This is incredible / If you’re in London – go and see this.
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