The Passion of Peter Pan

Been thinking more in the last couple of days about the modern reluctance to abandon youth. It’s a topic that’s always fascinated me, but has become the bee in my bonnet recently. Don’t ask me why.

Anyways, have decided to step away from the usual eulogising of snackfoods, contact sport, etc etc just for a moment. Hope at least some people like it.

Comment invited.

The Passion of Peter Pan

It was a jolt….

That first wistful creak
of bone on startled cartilage.

The sudden punch of irrelevance,
the quiet, determined retreat
of my juvenile assets.

Hope, promise, ideas,
hair, ambition, muscle tone
joy, casual virility.

All long gone
or leaving.

No wave.
no curt nod.

Would it hurt them to be civil?

I’ll catch them by stealth,
I’ve seen where they shelter.

The bars, the clubs.
The alleyways,

A trawling net
of ghosts.

Tracksuits were made for running

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