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SITHOM - Melbourne meetup this Monday

Hi SITHOM photographers,

over half (15) of the SITHOM Exhibitors have converged on a secret Facebook page to keep the post Exhibition interaction going. I hope to try to keep the other 11 informed of activities that are being planned using this Journal.

I may fall behind, because I don’t attend FB very often. Nevertheless, I will try.

There is wonderful talk of SITHOM Photowalks and gatherings and lots more, but the most imminent is a Photowalk proposed by Mieke Boynton who will be visiting the Exhibition on the last day and has invited any SITHOM photographers to join her on an afternoon Photowalk along Southbank to Docklands.

For all you non Facebook SITHOM photogrpahers, please check Mieke’s Journal Invitation out, and if you can manage it you might like to join her and a f…

Opening Night Exultation

I pinched myself and felt it so it must be true – Shot in the Heart of Melbourne 2012 opened in great style on Friday night in the presence of perhaps 200 – 300 brave souls who ventured out into the cold winter’s night to take a look at our inaugural efforts.

It was the thrilling culmination of many hours of hard work, particularly on the part of our fearless leader Rhoufi, and the vibe was wonderful. Rarely are so many barely adulterated street photographs gathered together and exhibited in a gallery, and the reception we met with was all we could have hoped for and more. I didn’t take my camera on the night, but there are a few shots from later in the weekend beneath this report to give you an idea of what the exhibition looks like.

156 beautifully varied, live…

The Exhibition has a home and a date - come one come all!

The “Shot in the Heart of Melbourne Street Photography Exhibition” now has a venue and viewing dates. This is our official flyer and we have a 4 minute video to whet your whistle and a downloadable A4 flyer for printing and forwarding to friends.

                                             DOWNLOAD THE A4 FLYER



Victorian Artists Society
430 Albert Street, East Melbourne Victoria, 3002
Google Map


Progress Report #7 - Venue and Dates

Dear SITHOM2012 Members,

Please check your private emails for the details sent out today. There are things in the email that meed your immediate attention.

We have finalized the SITHOM2012 Exhibition venue and timing. We now have 26 photographers in the Exhibition.

So the SITHOM2012 Exibition will be staged in the Hammond and McCubbin Galleries in the Victorian Artists’ Society (VAS) building at 430 Albert Street East Melbourne.

Delivery of works and hanging: Wednesday, 20th June, 10:00am – 4:00pm

Open for viewing: Thursday, 21st June to Monday, 2nd July

Close & collection of works: Tuesday, 3rd July, 10:00am – 4:00pm

Viewing Times
Mon to Fri:  10:00am – 4:00pm
Sat – Sun:    1.00pm – 4.00pm

Official Opening
Friday, 22nd J…

Progress Report #6 - Tardy Exhibitors!! Urgent Response Needed


you haven’t replied to our request for confirmation of venue email of April 25. We really need you to study the venue options we provided and confirm that you are definitely joining us in the Exhibition.

Please review the details emailed to you and provide us with the following ASAP:

  • your feedback on the attached recommendation,
  • your agreement to share the costs that will be incurred,
  • a statement of your maximum cost share for the venue, and
  • your commitment to be a part of SITHOM 2012, and to assist in it’s staging, advertising and staffing where possible,

by 12:00PM Tuesday 1st May 2012 AT THE LATEST

to the SITHOM Bubblemail address, or thE email address provided in the advice.

We have had 22 confirmations so far to go with the recommendation in the attached Options…

Progress Report #5 - Urgent Response Needed

Dear SITHOM Photographers,

the SITHOM Committee need your immediate attention and advice.

In order to do this we have produced a comparison of two Galleries for your consideration and made a preliminary recommendation.

Please attend to the BubbleMail and normal Email just forwarded to you all and download the SITHOM Gallery Options PDF.

We ask you now to review the recommendation and unless you have major objections endorse it, so we can move to the next stage: booking the venue, paying the rent and setting about the actual staging. Notwithstanding that last statement we do want to hear your views on the two options so that we get a general “feel” from everyone so the final choice is mostly agreeable to the majority

In order to get beyond this point we have needed to be expedient, chose t…

Brief Update

Hi everyone,

For a little while now it may have seemed that all’s quiet on the exhibition front, so this is just a quick message to let you know that yes, we’re still dedicated to making SITHOM happen, and we’re in the throes of working out all of the logistics.

At the moment we’re investigating venues and costs, and intend to present you all with some facts and figures after Easter. The exhibition will very likely take place a little later in the future than the previously projected period in May, but of course being a 2012 exhibition it will be staged this year.

Thanks for being onboard with us,


Check out some wonderful work by Christine Wilson

One of our SITHOM photographers and core helpers here at “Shot in the Heart of Melbourne” compiled this wonderful Video of her Melbourne street photography.

This is what it’s all about, and a better collection of the art would be hard to find anywhere.

Take look and be inspired – the compositions, the B+W, the meaning and the feeling created by this collection is exactly what we are trying to achieve with our Exhibition.

These images are not just photos of people in the street – they are what we mean by “Street Photography”. As you watch the video you will realize how carefully the images have been selected to show how people are interacting with the street environment and how their everyday grace projects from the image.

Well done Christine!!!!


Progress Report # 4: Submissions Now Closed!

Attention Street Photographers & Photojournos

Report Date: 1/1/2012


All photographers who already have a Hanging Space on this Web Site, may continue to revise and change their selection of photos in readiness for the real Exhibition to be stage sometime between February and May.

No new photographers will be accepted for the Exhibition

The SITHOM Virtual Nursery now has 27 photographers displaying their street photos in their individual Hanging Spaces and all in all we have 263 photos in the Virtual Exhibition.

Our Journals and the photographers’ 27 Hanging spaces have had a total of 3897 views to date.

From here on planning will begin in earnest to find a venue and resolve pr…

Progress Report # 3: Important Message - Read NOW!

Attention Street Photographers & Photojournos

Re: Shot in the Heart of Melbourne

The Virtual Nursery now has 24 photographers displaying their street photos in their individual Hanging Spaces and all in all we have 233 photos in the Virtual Exhibition.

The Journals and the 24 Hanging spaces have had a total of 2718 views to date.

There is 1 new photographer nearly ready to be hung and 2 indicated they were preparing their Collections ready for hanging after the last Journal posting, but we have not heard from them since.

With this number we have adequate scope for a cost effective, shared Exhibition.


We will be closing the submission period on 31st December 2011. Anyone who has not submitted their photos by that date will not be part of the Exhibitio