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I am a self-published author of 12 non-fiction books about travel, spirituality and philosophy.( I’ve also written a fictional and inspirational book about a fairy who comes to planet earth to share her perspective on both dimensional worlds. )

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My father was a photographer. I remember spending hours watching how he developed his negatives, hung them up in his darkroom and then printed his photos – using traditional methods in those days. He was at peace in his dark room. We grew up in East Africa and my father took marvllous photos of the wildlife there – even when he went crocodile hunting! When we moved back to England, his love of photography continued.

I started with an inexpensive phone camera 2 years ago, then an inexpensive dijital point and shoot and now I am the proud owner of a compact point and shoot LUMIX panasonic, with a Leica lens.

I didn’t develop a big interest in photography until about two years ago when I needed photos for my books – and then suddenly I loved it! I started off just taking photos with a very inexpensive phone camera – and suddenly loved the new ‘world’ I was in. I now have a fairly ordinary dijital camera…….my camera goes with me now wherever I go.
My travels to India, Thailand, Alaska, Hawaii, Greece in past years – were great opportunities for photography and sunsets – but at that time I was more interested in the experience itself. I wish I had been interested in photography during those journeys!! I also lived in Zurich, Switzerland for 15 years – but didn’t take photos even though my ex-husband was obsessed with the perfection and quality of Leica cameras and Leitz lenses.

My husband and I love to go on driving trips with our dog, and taking photos of scenery.

I very much appreciate your comments and critiques about my photos, thankyou so much for visiting!

I am also a Medical Herbalist and Naturopath.

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My husband is also on RB with his lovely photos
we both have fun with our cameras when we go out for the day


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