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Debbie Ashe

Altrincham, United Kingdom

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A herd of cushions

So I have sold ten cushions – of my Hardwick sheep

Whoever is buying them – thanks. And I would really like to know what they look like in real life! Might just have to get one myself :)

Another sale

Not sure how I missed this…but I’ve sold a mounted print of Herdwick.

Whoever you are. Thankyou and I hope it fits the bill :)

Probably me but....

I have no idea where the page with comments and things are. This new look site has me thrown.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I can’t find other people’s activity either.

Broken sigma

I dropped my sigma lens about a month ago.

It fell apart.

We glued it back together.

Used it today at the zoo.

I think it’s lost its sparkle.I’d appreciate expert opinions from you guys on whether you agree – see latest shots.

Off to Devon on Friday. Looks like that Sigma is staying at home :(

So..the lens in question is a 28-300mm. Its been a good all rounder. I don’t like to carry a lot of gear.

I have another Sigma 50-200mm and a Canon 18-55. Any suggestions for a new lens much appreciated.

Not got tons to spend.

And I like to get up close and personal with birds, wildlife and portraits. Not a landscape kind of gal. (I’m not a patch on the RB landscape talent)

Thanking you :)

Lucky shot...

Sometimes you just come across a special moment and just happen to have your camera in hand.

That often happens to me – but normally by the time I’ve got the lens cap off… adjusted settings etc….the moment is gone.

With this in mind….I won’t ever tire of this photo and my luck in being in the right place, at the right time with the camera primed.

This is the Life

And not only do I love it – it is also my most popular on the Bubble. My views and Favs don’t come close to some of the more experienced on here but even so it wipes the floor with the stats for the rest of my portfolio.

Just wanted to share my giddiness (the pic has just won a second challenge) – thanks for stopping by – I’m off and back to the housework now :)

Inspiration needed

Got the camera – got the hat, gloves, fleeces and boots – got the 4×4 car – got the flask at the ready – got all day Saturday….

Where do we go?

Any suggestions?

I live to the south of Manchester – so Cheshire / Yorkshire / Lancashire all within easy enough reach so long as the snow doesn’t get in the way.

Am considering Tegg’s Nose in Macclesfield or Martin Mere (jnct. 37 M6) but will welcome any other suggestions.

I just need to get out – this photo malarky is a tad addictive :)

p.s. I have a lousy sense of direction and have a tendency to be a bit dim (it took me a while to work out how to add a journal!) – so any suggestions might need postcodes for my TomTom :)