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CORE: 3rd Encounter

I had no time to grieve the lost of Masamune. My new bald, escort dragged me along with him as we hurriedly try to leave the scene of the fracas that just took place. He looked a bit delusional; even crazed maybe. And I knew better than to question a person with such desperate looks on their face. He had this smell of old books that was quite stifling but I wouldn’t dare be the complainer to anger this already mad looking man.

The broken down buildings and houses were becoming less apparent, meaning we were most likely at the end of the town. We passed the last house along the road and were looking at more dried up, abandoned wasteland. I gave one last look at the decrepit town trying to show my short lived respect for Masamune’s sacrifice since I wasn’t allow sufficient time for a full grievance.

“Don’t look so depress,” the bald man barked in his annoying, frog like voice. “Everyone in this god forsaken world has a purpose and she has just served hers.”
“Yours on the other hand, is much more grand and urgent”

He pulled out a folded picture from the eaves of his sleeves and gave it to me. It showed this pretty looking woman who was submerged in a small pool of bright, green water. I watch the paper over and over, trying to figure out the purpose of showing it to me. My escort however, caught on quickly and smirked at my confused expression.

“We call her Sage,” he informed me. “She is a very important element in our objective; one that has the ability to pinpoint the location of the phenomenon known as CORE.”
“But she cannot find core without the map, which she alone can read, but that’s where you come in.”

Our walk through the limitless wasteland was very short as we came across a valley that like the previous town was left in ruins. However, there was something different about this place. There was a house that stood confident among the debris. It looked as if it had never been tortured like the remains around it. It was also the place my bald escort pointed to, signifying that’s our next location.
The atmosphere in the valley was denser for some reason. It was even becoming difficult to breath properly. I tried my best to conceal that fact from the man that walked beside me, trying my best to limit our interaction with one another.

The big, black door to the lone house was a bit intimidating. As if something vile was waiting on the other side to snap at whoever dare enter the house. The bald escort didn’t hesitate to proceed into the abyss as he pulled me along.
The inside of the house looked ordinary; like any other house. The only odd thing is that, there wasn’t any furniture present. Just a man sitting on the floor, legs crossed as if meditating in this big empty space. The dim lights were sufficient in making out his young, handsome looking face; though his light, brown hair was somewhat unkempt. He had this weird looking black glove on his left hand with what look like a blue diamond embedded in it.

“I see you were successful in retrieving the map Xerxes,” the meditating man pointed out, opening his dark, blue eyes.

Xerxes stood there chuckling

“I guess you underestimated me Ark,” Xerxes stated confidently. “Though I will admit I didn’t have to lift a finger to exterminate the rat.”
Ark stood up and examined me from head to toe with a perplex expression. He had this calm yet daunting look to him. I tried my best to conceal my uneasiness around him, but he gave a slight chuckle as if seeing through my ruse.

“Anyway,” he said watching Xerxes. “I will take it from here and deliver her to the covenant.”
“After all, this is the awaited moment that has caused them to dodge their overdue deaths.”

“Watch your mouth now Ark,” Xerxes warned disgustingly. “The covenant isn’t to be taken lightly; after all they were the ones who orchestrated this whole ordeal for our own benefit.”

Ark chuckled at the statement, then proceeded to grabbing my hand, but was stopped by Xerxes.

“I know you were the one assigned to deliver her to the covenant, but can you please allow me this honor as I have something to discuss with them,” he explained.

“Do as you wish,” Ark replied emotionlessly. “I too have some people to confront about a life changing event.”

“What do you mean?” Xerxes asked curiously, as his grip tightened around my wrist.

“You need not concern yourself with such irrelevant details,” Ark replied almost instantly. “Some things are better left to ponder on.”

Ark kneeled before me where he placed his hand on my shoulder. His faced harbored one of the most devilish grins I have ever witnessed in my entire existence. Chills ran down my body as I tried to compose myself but to no avail.

“I can assure you my friend,” he began confidently, as his grip on my shoulder tightened. “Your part in this whole ordeal is much bigger than your little brain can comprehend.”

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CORE: 3rd Encounter


Castries, Saint Lucia

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Artwork Comments

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  • sinX
  • Jaclyn Hughes
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