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Books published by RB.....our selection

Tis just a thought and many may not agree
but am hopeing all do decree
a bit of input for our folk who doth use pen
a tiny rule we hope to bend

to choose and maybe select
our favourite words so perfect
to be bound in a cover of our choice
all our words doth need a voice

a book to order for family and friends
rolling in the dollars there seems no end
to the money that could be made
RB sitting back and creating dollars paid

for all to enjoy when one does enquire
“is there a book for the poetry I desire?”
Sadly now I shake my head
sorry you must read online instead

I am but 2 years young on this marvellous site
but seems to me the images “GET IT” I bare no spite
but if the dollars you want to see foldin’
give us books for loved ones to be holdin’

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