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Sales and sidetracks- illustrated

Firstly, a big thank you for all my sales!

I secretly like to wonder where Bad kitty kitty tees get out and about to.

I’m so happy some girls with big dreams will be wearing when I grow up I want to be a mermaid .

I’d also like to hope my most recent sale of ‘Art of a housewife’ as a card is enjoyed :)

I’ve been a little sidetracked lately, branching out to a few more sites.
Like my 3 Zazzle stores:

Simplasticity* -Full of my fave designs

Telephone textures* -The place for texture print tech skins

Veganic* -Just plain sillies and text tees (the dumping ground really).

I then thought I’d fine tune a few ideas on Society 6

Then there’s my fabric, wallpaper and wall decals on Spoonflower

Between that, 6 blogs, An online store, sewing, studying and being a mum, I haven’t really made the time to paint or draw anything new (except for clothing designs).

I’m currently going through my old sketch books, looking at a few old designs.

Thanks everyone for the kind comments and the great community here on Redbubble.

Hope you enjoy your day :)

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