Nottingham, United Kingdom

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I’m Simon and I’m a photographer, there, I said it.

My real interest in Photography started around 15 years ago when I bought my first SLR. Up until then I had always enjoyed taking photographs, but having interchangable lenses opened up a whole new world for me.

Time moved on and so did my kit. I now use a Canon EOS system, primarily digital, but revert to film for fun sometimes.

I started to concentrate on studio portraiture in early 2009 and that seems to be where my heart is. That said, I just love all things photography and try not to limit myself.

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Exhibition in Nottingham.

I have some images in an exhibition that opens on the 9th Feb at Durban House Heritage Centre, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire. / The exhibition is organised by Eric Miller who invites local photographers to display four of their own favourite images. / If you know anyone local to the exhibition, please do tell them about it. There are some wonderful works to view including several from leading British…
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Blackbird, Fly - First shots.

Well, they’re back, the first shots taken on my Blackbird, Fly camera (See my previous journal entry) and I’m overjoyed with them. / Bicycles / Lock Shadow / Sky Mirror / You may think they’re not much to look at, but the whole process has been so exciting for me. Having used digital for so long, going back to film feels like coming home (to coin an overused phrase). / The insta…
Posted almost 5 years – 2 comments

A Snowy Blackbird.

It snowed yesterday… lots! Vicki (my girlfriend) and I were determined to get out in it but it was relentless until after dark so today was the day. We took a walk around the local nature reserve, just got back home. Toes cold, ears frozen, and a few possibly good shots in the can. / I say possibly as Vicki bought me a Blackbird, Fly for Christmas. For those of you unfamiliar with them, the…
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