Loondon Calling - group forum threads

Hi all,

In an effort to get people talking about and showing off their entries to the “London Calling”: tee challenge, I’ve been starting up threads in the groups I’m involved in. If you’re a member, and have an entry in the comp, or want to bang the drum for someone else’s entry, head on over and post. Even if you’re not a member, I highly recommending checking out what people have to offer.

So, head over to:

animation domination
agro tees
Melbourne and Victoria
Vector Goodness Lounge
Pulp Faction
Vector t-shirts
Monsters ink
Designers United
Masterpiece – clothing
Challenge Cafe
Clever Designs
Drawn to Cotton:Art on t-shirts
Retro Tees – we’ve got the funk
WTF are you wearing?
Illustration – artwork for narrative content

Better yet, you could start threads up in groups you are involved in – this is a pretty big comp with over 200 entries, so lets see some discussion! If you do create a thread, please feel free to add a link in the comments of this journal too.

I’d also suggest taking a look around the galleries of the groups as well – a challenge this big has brought people from all over the community, so let’s use it to foster a bit of communication within it.

There’s also a thread in the general discussion forum that people can get involved in.



  • thickblackoutline
    thickblackoutlinealmost 6 years ago

    thanks si! :)

  • Cool – but where’s your in the forums, hmmmmmmm? (tis a rocking design btw :o))

    – Simon Sherry

  • Simon Sherry
    Simon Sherryalmost 6 years ago

    No worries, although now I had written loondon and not london – bit of a typo :o)

  • Crockpot
    Crockpotalmost 6 years ago

    Great notion, Si!! Just do me a solid and post in it the forums under “Crossing Over Without John Edward”? Thanks!!

  • NO worries – I had it in general discussion, but can move it.


    – Simon Sherry