Simon Le

Simon Le

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ART has not always been what we think it is today. An object regarded as ART today may not have been perceived as such when it was first made, nor was the person who made it necessarily regarded as an artist. Both the notion of “ART” and the idea of the “artist” are relatively modern terms.

Many of the objects we identify as Art today – Greek painted pottery, medieval manuscript illuminations, and so on – were made in times and places when people had little or no concept of “ART” as we understand the term. Such objects may have been admired but differently than current accepted notions of art appreciation.

When it comes to Art always consider the 4 P’s: Patience, Perseverance, Positive Thinking and Passion. Simon Le has acquired rare experience thanks to a life dedicated to ART.
Taking photos offers the opportunity to recreate a feeling, share an experience and make a connection.

Simon would like to invite you to view his site with those thoughts in mind – enjoy and reflect and when you have a photography project in mind, give him a call or send an email and we will discuss your vision.

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