I have been a lover of photography since I received a Haminex 110 at 5 years old. My old man gave me my first SLR at 9 years old. Since then, photography has been my passion, particularly sport and landscape. I am an advocate for Canon and have the utmost faith in their products.

I grew up on the Northern Suburbs of Sydney & Bathurst, and now live on the North Coast of NSW with my girlfriend Sarah.

Apart from photography, my life is surrounded around waves and snow. I live for surfing and skiing (and Sarah of course!). Where ever those three things are, you will find me.

I’ve just started up a new group ‘surfing’, so if you’ve got some good stuff which specifically relates to our sensational sport, submit it to the group.

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Bali Dogs

BALI ADOPTION REHABILITATION CENTRE (B.A.R.C) / Please check out this website: / / It is a shelter in Ubud, Bali, dedicated to saving street dogs in Bali. They rely on donations to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home these poor animals. / With my girlfriend, we are travelling to Bali in a few weeks and are going to help in any way we can. Including taking towels/blankets et…
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