Simone Riley

Simone Riley

Heathfield, United Kingdom

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I started out in Graphic Design but have been involved in a number of creative disciplines along the way including painting & gilding (on glass, ceramics, antique furniture and decorative metalwork). Since 2004 I have been self-employed, working as a freelance calligrapher, during which time I have also been able to develop my interest in digital art and photography, mixed media and painting.

My recent series of watercolour paintings `Organic Abstracts’ all start with (my own) photographs of leaves or bark, from which a small section is isolated and enlarged, and then translated into a semi-abstract composition.

My photomontage work involves the building up of many layers using multiple images, each altered in a variety of ways. The artwork is in effect a digital interpretation of the more traditional forms of collage and mixed-media, which I have always loved.

I am also a collector of textures – always on the lookout for bits of rust, peeling paint, scratched metal and other worn surfaces of any kind to photograph for artistic purposes. All images and textures used are from my own photographic collection.

  • Age: 50
  • Joined: November 2008