‘…Just what do you think you’re doing, Dave?’ – 2001: A Space Odyssey

Hi, as you are aware from the less than subtle banner at the top of this page my name is Simon, and if you are reading this by the same token you are also aware that this is my Redbubble page.

So who am I?

That’s me, not a sole searching question for you.

Well, what most likely has brought you here is my artwork, and you thought that it looked like it might be an interesting to take a look at what I can do, sorry to disappoint you on that one.

I’m a Pin Up, and a Science Fiction and Fantasy Illustrator, some would say ‘Artist’ though for me art is a much more creative forum of interruption than the work I turnout. My work mainly consists painting pretty pictures of girls, armoured warriors, monsters, women in unreasonable armour and the occasional spaceship or fantasy landscape – and I love it!

So my art, how do I do it? I prefer to work primarily in digital due the huge and mind-boggling amount of flexibility it offers the artist, and over the years I have worked in several genres and on many projects such as concepts, films, comics, advertising, graphic design and books. I’ve also worked for some interesting folk too, such as Doctor Who Online, Death Squad Games, Kult Creations and Future Quake but to name a few.

I guess art, as beauty (not that I’m saying my art is beautiful, in fact some of it is a bit wrong for lack of a better word) is in the eye of the beholder. So here are some of the nicer comments that people have made about my work:

“Superb Sci-Fi Imagery. What a beautiful bit of work…”

“Excellent Neo-Retro styled cover art/Poster pic. It instantly brings back
memories of Sci-Fi pulp nickel novels and Amazing Tales magazines.”

“…this would make for some great cover of a science fiction novel! It has a
great surreal touch in its composition and the lighting / fire / flash effects
are amazingly made, as well as the posing!
and a great chose of colours too!”

“I absolutely loved looking at your book. Your artwork is second to none (and
I mean that). You are up there with Boris, Dean and Matthews. I’m already
looking out for more…”

“This is epic!”

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