Two Young Sorceres's

Two sisters Arina and Dasha had to stay at Grandpa’s house in the woods, whilst their Mum was in hospital having a baby. Well Grandpa’s old house was a big house and had lots of windows, chimneys and loads of shadows on the ground which was so scary, there was a big garden that went all around the house with brick walls as high as giants too!

One day Grandpa told the girls to go and play upstairs whilst he washes his car outside, Arina and Dasha went upstairs and decided to play hide and seek, Dasha hid behind some big curtains, unfortunately Dasha forgot to hide her feet too. Arina shouts “Coming ready or not” well Arina looked up and down the long corridor and she saw these two little feet that were only half hidden. Arina pulled back the big heavy curtains and shouted gotcha! She had frightened Dasha but only for a moment as behind her was a secret door, they both looked at each other and smiled. Arina opened the door and saw stairs that were leading upwards towards the attic.

Both girls went to investigate where the stairs led to, Arina turned the knob very slowly so as not to make a noise just in case someone was in the room! The door knob rattled a little and as she turned, the door was opening, there was a whooshing noise that rushed clean air into the loft! All of a sudden the room seemed to groan and then lit up and smelt so fresh and both girls rushed over to the window and saw grandpa still washing his car! They looked around the room and saw a big heavy chest over in the corner covered in cobwebs and dust they both went over to investigate! Dasha tried to open the lid but couldn’t budge it then Arina gave it a big push, suddenly the lid flew open and a bright light sprinkled gold flakes over the room, all of a sudden the room had disappeared and in its place was a bench on the hill, there was a lovely smell of grass and fluffy clouds floating by. The girls now very excited looked into the big case and pulled out some old clothes one pair of striped socks, two gold speckled dress’s, two black tea-shirts and two weird looking black hats oh and one pair of arm length pink gloves and a pink sash with a bow on it!

The girls hurriedly changed clothes, Arina wore the socks, dress, tea-shirt, pink gloves that reached up to her elbows, she then put her hair in a bun and put the black hat on, wow she looked a scary sight but she also looked cute in a way.Dasha had no socks to put on or any pink gloves, so she put on the skirt and black tea-shirt and tied the pink sash around her waist it looked nice with the bow, a double WOW, WOW these two young ladies now looked like the fairytale Sorcerer’s! As soon as the hats went on a shudder came over them, then a fantastic feeling of power came over them too! The girls saw lots of Wooden Tracks in a pile, so they both decided to build a train track. It took them hours they thought, as they had managed to lay the tracks all over the hills and across the dales it didn’t take them as long as they thought only because they were wearing their magical hats! After the girls had finished building the tracks they decided that they had earned a rest, so they found a park bench on the crest of a hill.

They both went over and sat down on the seat, Arina took off her left sock and draped it over the arm of the bench complaining it was too tight and that it hurt her toes, then she put her hands underneath her chin with a look of deep thought, now Arina always had a soft spot for steam trains and loved Thomas The Tank Engine she thought with a smile “wouldn’t it be lovely if a steam train come along our track just like Thomas” she then thought “no it won’t happen but wouldn’t it be nice if it did!” Dasha looks on playing with a wooden doll that she had found behind the bench all bound up with string. As Dasha was removing the string she said “He looks like Pinocchio but from now on I will call him Pinoch, then all of a sudden she shouts out making Arina Jump, “I think I saw him smile and wink his eyes at me!” Dasha couldn’t believe it ………. Was it true? she thought or did I imagine it? Dasha’s blonde hair had now come undone and fell down her left side.

All of a sudden there was a sound Woo Woo, Chuff Chuff Arina and Dasha looked at each other and turned round quickly, they saw a wooden steam train hurtling down the track towards them, steam coming out from the funnel. The girls jumped for joy it looked so big and so real! All of a sudden the train stopped near the bench, Dasha noticed a tear in Pinoch’s eye, she wiped the tear away and Pinoch gave a little grin,Dasha shouted to Arina “Pinoch has come to life, quick come and look!” The young girls looked at each other amazed as Pinoch had somehow come alive! A little voice said “Oh thank you so much for setting me free, I have been tied up with string and I have been behind the bench for a long, long time and you came by and saved me!”

The girls still amazed that Pinoch could talk, they asked him where do you come from? Where do you live?” Pinoch replied “I live right over there in Wood Town” pointing over to the hills, “My friends and I were playing and we play tie up and we have to roll down the hill! Unfortunately there was a big wind and I got blown from down the valley and up the dales and I landed here, it’s a good job the bench had stopped me rolling over to the next hill, I don’t know where I am really, can you help me please to get back home?” Arina and Dasha looked at each other and thought, and thought with their imaginations working, they both looked at the train and went to see the driver. Unfortunately there wasn’t any driver all that was in the train cab was a note and two buttons, one being green for “On” and the other being red for “Off” there was a dial to put in your destinations and also a chord for the whistle too.

Well the girls said to Pinoch we will have to try it and see what happens so they all get on board feeling excited with their new friend and new adventure! Pinoch put in the destination Wood Town and Arina pressed the green button and the train started up and began to increase in speed. Dasha pulled the chord for the whistle the train was getting up to speed and the smoke was coming from the funnel. Over the dales and over the hills they went they saw wooden ladybirds and wooden mice and a wooden farmer on his wooden tractor waving. They finally arrived in Wood Town, Dasha pressed the red button and the train slowed right down and stopped, they were greeted by a big crowd of wooden people, clapping their hand and jumping for joy. The girls had brought their friend Pinoch back home!
A wooden helicopter flew by very low and the pilot shouted “Thank goodness you have found our friend we thought we had lost him for sure, I have been searching for him for weeks! Pinoch jumped off the train and shouted thank you to the girls.
Dasha looked at the dial in the cab and put in “Park Bench” and Arina pressed the green button for go! The train started to move and the girls waved at all the people and shouted goodbye, they saw Pinoch who was running after the train shouting for joy as he blew them a kiss to say thank you and farewell. Arina pulled the chord and the train whistled as it sped away from Wood Town! Over the hills and down the dales they went. It seemed a long journey but didn’t they have some fun?

The train came up towards the top of the hill and they could see the park bench, Dasha pressed the red button and the train slowed down and stopped. The girls got off the train and stretched right out as it had been a long journey. They sat on the bench and Arina said to Dasha “ Do you know what we have done today?” Dasha replied “Yes we have built a train track all around this beautiful countryside, and I found Pinoch and took all that string off him, we caught the train and took him home to Wood Town, on the way we saw a wooden mouse, a wooden ladybird, a wooden farmer on his wooden tractor, we saw a wooden helicopter and loads of wooden people too, we have done a lot in one day haven’t we?”
Arina replied “Yes we have, but isn’t it funny because it was like a magical mystery tour we did and I think it is something to do with when we opened that large trunk in Grandpa’s attic there was gold flakes floating around and the room changed into hills and dales and we put the hats on and we shuddered I think they have turned us both into Sorcerer’s!

“Oh heck” shouts Arina, “it’s Grandpa, he’s shouting us,” the girls took off their hats and as soon as they did the hills and dales had disappeared altogether and they were back in Grandpa’s attic. “Girls are you up there?” “Yes Grandpa” the girls shouted back and quickly undressed and put their own clothes back on. They looked out of the little window in the attic and saw Grandpa outside just finishing washing his car. As they closed the door behind them the room creaked back to it’s normal state, dusty and their was no evidence that the girls had ever been in there!

The girls went outside to Grandpa’ and gave him a huge hug and kiss, Grandpa said “Have you been playing nicely girls?” they answered back “Yes Grandpa we have!”
“Good” Grandpa replied “Guess what girls? We are going to see your Mum in hospital and your baby brother too!”

The girls jumped up and down they were so pleased that Mum was alright and that they had a baby brother too. The girls gave Grandpa a big hug and a kiss, Grandpa was leaking as a little tear came from Grandpa’s eyes because he was so happy and loved his family!

Two Young Sorceres's

David A. Everitt (aka silverstrummer)

Leicestershire, United Kingdom

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Artist's Description

Two Young Sorceres’s – A Collaboration Of Two Artist’s

This story has been seen before on RB so the reason it is showing again is the following:
When I did my first Collaborations on RB I did not know how to put someone else’s image into the story, so it was put into my “Art” to show the image.

I found it very difficult to understand how to add an image into my writing due to my disability, and so many of you had left such wonderful comments I didn’t want to lose them.

So now its time to put things right, because I’m that little bit wiser (3 years later he says!!). So please accept my sincere apologies for my errors!

*I would like to thank Larissa Kulik for her kind consent of using her artwork to compliment my story! she is truly a wonderful Artist.

1) Dimensions – March 2009
2) Freedom In Words – March 2009
3) In – Between – March 2009
4) The Feature Fraternity – April 2009
5) Bits and Pieces – 21st April 2009
6) First Things Group – 17th May 2009

The Feature Fraternity Group – 31st March 2009

Live Life For Today And Save A Smile For Somebody Tomorrow

“© Copyright 2012 – All Rights Reserved – All works registered through Copyright House”

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