A Knight In Shining Armour - A True Story

This story is true and it happened in the summer of 1997 I was working in the Design Office on the third floor of Otis Lifts in Abbey Lane, Leicester, UK. It was a hot day and I had opened a window near my Drawing Board and I was working away as you do and I heard screaming outside. Outside was a busy dual carriageway (one of the main routes into the city) and across the road I saw a man thump a pregnant women in the face as he was holding one of her arms she fell onto the floor screaming and he directed a kick into her chest.

Rightly or wrongly, I left my office and ran down the three flights of stairs (it was quicker than taking the lift sorry Otis) and I dashed through into the main reception and told them a woman was being attacked across the road. I ran out of the building and broke all Health and Safety rules and Otis Company rules, which could have been Instant Dismissal, but that was the last thing on my mind. My pet hate is a man hitting a woman and as I got outside I saw this guy give the lady a kick in the stomach.

I dodged the traffic with horns blazing they didn’t know what was going on, I got to the other side the woman was still screaming blood down her face and this guy was just going to give her another kick.
But found out he couldn’t because I had the Bastard, I’m not a violent person but I nearly became one. Two guys came running up they were dressed in their suits, they said every things ok now its all under control and the Police are on the way. We saw everything that went off, we were travelling into town, we are Police Officers from Lincoln City (the next City about 40 miles from Leicester). They said you acted quick, you got here before we did.

I asked them if they needed a statement, they said we might, I told him where I worked and then left them to it, the other Officer was taking care of the woman who was distressed. I then went back into the reception where I was greeted by a couple of the girls who gave me the title of A Knight In Shining Armour! The police didn’t come for a statement in the end.

I saw the man and woman a few weeks later walking down the street chatting away to each other as though nothing had happened!

That’s Life

This is a story about an attack on a pregnant woman outside my place of work.

Live Life For Today And Save A Smile For Somebody Tomorrow

Anger Management – Tuesday 17th November 2009

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Published work: “The Orchestral Ensemble”, “Love Measures” I received a letter from “H.M. Queen Elizabeth” thanking me for a poem on her Diamond Jubilee in 2012. I was chosen as one of a very small group of Poets out of 60,000 poets and invited to place “My Love for You” in a “Poets Diary 2013” A true story called “An Attack in a Cemetery” will be published in 2013. I am being featured in a book which has a profile and 20 poems placed called “10 of the Best” 2013 by United Press of London.

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  • linifer
    liniferalmost 6 years ago

    Amazing! Doesnt it make you wonder. Well done, both on the writing and for being a knight in shining armour!!!!

  • Thanks Lin not many people know about this as I kept it quite all these years. As I had posted a few true stories on RB I though this should go with them too. I hope people don’t think I’m looking for gratification for it because I’m not …. its just part of my life that really happened. – David

    – David A. Everitt (aka silverstrummer)

  • mltrue
    mltruealmost 6 years ago

    Wow, that is wonderful you came to her rescue! But I never could understand why women just go back for more abuse over and over again. It is like the situation that happened with the music star Rhiana. I just don’t get it! Fortunately, I have never been it that situation myself. Was a victim of some verbal abuse during my first marriage, one of many reasons that the marriage came to an end. Michelle

  • I am like yourself I have never experienced an abusive marriage I was lucky in my love. There is so much violence in marriage, couples in the world even. Thank goodness Michelle you managed to get out. – David

    – David A. Everitt (aka silverstrummer)

  • Narcissus17
    Narcissus17almost 6 years ago

    wow. that’s a crushing last line. you’re obviously an exemplary fellow, but people being as they are, makes me wonder why you bothered.

  • Hi Narcissus – Thank you for reading this and leaving a comment it is appreciated. I’m just a normal Bloke who dislikes men hitting women and it’s just one of those things, my main concern was for the women and unborn child. If I see someone in distress I cannot just walk away and forget it especially if I can help in someway. If I saw a Policeman in need of help I would also lend a hand……… I suppose its the way I was brought up by my parents, old fashioned maybe but the values are there. – David

    – David A. Everitt (aka silverstrummer)

  • littlestmonkey
    littlestmonkeyalmost 6 years ago

    I’ve seen this time and time again with abused women….they won’t press charges and they won’t get out, and there’s not a thing you can do about it but hope and pray that your actions will speak loud enough for them to see some sense somewhere down the road before it becomes too late! I think you did the right thing, loud and clear….you may have saved a life that day.
    Bravo David! ♥

  • Thank you M maybe I did save a life it would be nice to think so! The Bully demeans his victims and makes them feel so insecure that in the end they daren’t do anything without the bullies consent! I think thats why they still stay in the relationships. Their souls are locked up! – David

    – David A. Everitt (aka silverstrummer)

  • RosaCobos
    RosaCobosalmost 6 years ago

    hi David…
    you really was….the Knightly Armoured Loving man you had to be.
    And you did defend the woman that was being abused!
    The one that was walking hand in hand with the agressor, was… another one.
    We can be two different persons, or three or four..
    and so…involvement is a communal development of life is always good.. so good.
    Sorry for the second woman, the one that will let be abused, or even put herself and her bagy in danger, for I do not what reasons… (soul is a mistery). I would accept that treatment from any one, man, or woman. But some… do.
    I am proud of you David. You find Nirvana in your daily walks, just because your soul is conscious… absolutely. And this is terribly for the humankind.
    Have my tender hug, David.

  • David A. Everitt (aka silverstrummer)
    David A. Everi...almost 6 years ago

    Bless you Rosa you are so kind with your comments as always. I have come across a couple of times and quite recently ……….. where I have seen the outcome of Domestic violence, especially a few months ago where the lady had suffered at the hands of a bully and I saw her face 5 days afterwards it was terrible it actually brough tears to my eyes that a man could do this to a woman. The outcome was good because she reported the assault to the Police so he will get his just reward I hope when he goes to court. – David

  • kimie
    kimiealmost 6 years ago

    Your so right David, Thats Life. You did your best as a human being, no matter what happened after the event. Good that there is people around like you, you certainly was a Knight in Shining Armour x

  • Thank You kim for your kind comment I appreciate your support – David

    – David A. Everitt (aka silverstrummer)

  • Medusa
    Medusaalmost 6 years ago

    You certainly were a “Knight in Shining Armour” David, she may well have been killed there and then had you not intervened when you did…Who knows what other horrors she has to endure in the control of such a “man”… I hope she has found the strength and courage to make a new life for herself and her child, if indeed she survived… along with her baby… I hope so…
    A shocking story, but sadly I in 3 men are guilty of such heinous treatment of their partners…
    Thankyou for acting out of chivalry… Extremely commendable and brave…


  • ah bless thanks M I only did what any other respectable bloke would do in that sort of situation. I find it difficult that men can do such things, I never saw any violence when I was younger my parents had arguments like most people but they never hit each other. Talking about chivalry I still walk on the outside of my partner so I’m near the road always!! A bit of old fashioned values!! Thank you for your lovely comments though they are appreciated. – David

    – David A. Everitt (aka silverstrummer)

  • Sally Omar
    Sally Omaralmost 6 years ago

    Definitely a “Knight In Shining Armour”…sadly..an abuser will do it again…she was a very
    foolish woman…excellent story!!!! xoxoxo

  • Thanks Sally your right the abuser will do it again….. I don’t think they can stop …. even with therapy. They must be so insecure with their own lives. It is one of my dislikes when a man hits a woman and thank God my life has only seen this once before and it was my best friend in the 60’s hitting his grilfriend and I stepped in and stopped it. So I applaud any person Male or Female that can walk away from their abusers. – David

    – David A. Everitt (aka silverstrummer)

  • Rhenastarr
    Rhenastarralmost 6 years ago

    Women never seem to learn, that once they hit, they will hit again and again. I know from personal experience with my daughter and my sister. They were married to real bastards!!

  • I can understand your anger and also I can understand in a way why the women stay as they have been so be-littled and pulled down to their lowest ebb of self worth!Then they think its their fault. But yes they were married to Bastards! I hope they are both doing better now they are away from the situation. – David

    – David A. Everitt (aka silverstrummer)

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