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Another Sale... "Glass Globes"!! [Update!]

This journal will also serve as a “journal of sales” for my own personal records, but also will remain as my shout-out of thanks and happiness due to my sales!

What a way to start the morning! I wake up still rubbing my eyes, turned on RB blurry-eyed, look at my activity list… and instantly I am awake! I made my second sale!! :)

I sold a card of “Glass Globes: View of the World”

Thank you soooo incredibly much to who ever bought it!! Please do come forward and let me know who you are so I may personally thank you!! You truly made my day.

Wow — I ♥ RB! This is so amazing and so incredible. It is such a boost of confidence and encouragement. Of course I take photographs for the simple pleasure of doing so and not for the sales, but once in a while the little bursts of encouragement like this helps me know I am doing something right and it is SUCH a good feeling to know people like and appreciate my work!

Update: 11.40pm

I am just floored talk about an amazing day! Just as I woke up I found what I had already written. And now, just before going to bed I came online to RB and I couldn’t believe my eyes… I just made TWO more card sales of the Glass Globes!!! squeeeee! Oh my goodness!! I knew this piece was nice, but I had no idea it would get the attention that it has!! Thank you soooooo much to who ever bought these two cards! (I suppose they were bought by the same person).

I still do not know who bought the first one, but PLEASE, my dear mystery shoppers, please let yourself be known to me! I want to thank you personally and let you know just how grateful I am!! ♥ I am definately going to sleep with a smile on my face tonight!!

Update Nov 23, 2007
I am so pleased this piece has gotten so much attention and is loved by so many, it makes me feel so humbled and happy. I just got a message saying I sold another card of “Glass Globes: View of the World” today! Hooray! Thank you SO much to who ever bought it, please make yourself known to me so I may thank you personally! ♥

Update Nov 25, 2007
Made another sale of “Glass Globes: View of the World” today! :) Yippieeeee!

Update Nov 30, 2007
OMG!! I just sold 5 cards of “Glass Globes: View of the World”!!! WOW Thank youuuuuu to my mystery shopper(s)!!!!!!!

Update Dec 5, 2007
I sold a card of “Glass Globes: View of the World”!! Thank you so much! I really wish RB would let me know who bought my work. Why dosen’t RB allow this feature? sigh

Update Dec 8, 2007
Chosen as among Light & Reflection’sTop 4 for November !

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