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Question for all my "Bubble" friends out there: Name/Signature on work?

Hello everyone,


Hope you all have a spooktacular day! :)

I have a question for you all, and it is this. I’m sure many of you have come across instances of art theft, where people steal other people’s art and make it their own, or take a piece of art and incorporate it into their ‘own’ art or projects without permission. While there is no real good fool-proof way to prevent this (for instance, though, I would love if RedBubble would enable No Right-Click on it’s website….) at least the artist may ‘stamp’ their work with a signature/logo/web address or some other distinguishing feature that, at least, let’s people know whose work it is and may perhaps discourage the ‘casual’ art pirate from simply saving and using your work.

Now here’s the real issue I want to address: do you feel it takes away from the artwork itself? I mean, will a little signature/logo/etc at the, say, bottom right of the image really take away from the piece’s effect/impact?

Would it also prevent you from buying cards/prints/tee’s? Would you mind a logo/signature there when you purchase items? Do you think most people would mind this, or would it altogether diminish the artworks appearance and/or discourage any potential buyers?

Surely I am aware that things like water marks and large signature and/or logos are distracting and would take away from the work, but something small… will it still be as detrimental?

I ask this because as I browse this site I rarely find anybody who ‘brands’ their work. I know RedBubble provides a watermark with our username on it for ‘full-view’ to discourage the kind of theft I have described, however I don’t think it’s enough. Sometimes the regular-view of an image is all a person wants and that has no protection, it’s out there in the open. I realize, too, that putting anything online has its risks and nothing is truly safe online, however there are small things which can be done.

Please let me know your thoughts on this subject and perhaps your suggestions or ways that you have gotten around this problem. Also, if anybody knows anybody in the RedBubble admin who is willing to look into the “No Right-click” issue, that would be awesome!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and a huge thank you in advance to any responses that I get!! {{Hugs!!}}


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