I am only the face in a carnival mirror, the wicked twin to my angel other


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Color my sin I painted an admission / of our illicit rendezvous / of this secret intriguing affair / I wrote our story upon his body / indelible invisi… Celebration Ch. 1 (collab with vampvamp) (Mature) Do you remember? ( journal series) Do you recall / the moment when you told me? / Do you remember / the feeble reasons that you offered? Still shackled When you asked for me / I came to you / when you needed me / I shared myself / when you wanted warmth / I set myself on fire You come to me you show up / so vividly in my mind / during stolen moments / of loneliness / emptiness / longing / need A question of want… no.. need! When will the clouds / part way and expose / the messages written / for me by you in the / clear skies of wonder? I want Today, my baby / you seem so very far away / so desperately / out of my reach / I so want to / wrap you up within my heat / my limbs, my l… Our gift I’m dancing with you / a wildly passionate / covetous paso doble / for our enjoyment / only Silent Screams My silent screams / pierce the secret still / of my deepest night / in the stark daylight / of others’ unsuspecting lives Who will it be, the slut or me? ( journal series) I dialed your number but / the voicemail said / to leave a message, you are busy, / so I did / _“hi baby, please don’t be too late / reme… Within his words Wrapped in the warmth / of his still trembling body / while basking in the afterglow / of our wildly spent passions / as we breathe in the… Here I am, do you not know me? I know you know / exactly who I am / you knew me / before any other / could grasp my / connected existence