It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.

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Hey there, it’s me, frozenfa… Yea, i created SilentCries to upload my much darker or gloomier work. Click here for my SilentCries design on various merchandises such as mugs and keychains.

Most of my tees here are actually some of the sketches i did when i’m outside, be it in the train or fast food joint or clinic. i like to doodle and sketch when i’m feeling really down. sometimes i like to just write down my feelings.. sometimes, i get flashes of images in my mind.. i wanna write them down and share them here. i wanna draw them out and share them here.

so you won’t be seeing my usual cutesy or funny designs here.. but rather some of my pain or anger.. angst.. i’ll be pouring my pain here.. i wanna pour them all out, cos as we all know, keeping all the negative feelings inside will only cause you to explode one day. So i feel that the best way to to explode is to pour out my feelings, anger, sadness, pain, frustration all out here, in SilentCries – for i’m not allowed to cry out loud in reality~

fa says: i want people to love my work.. i want people to be able to relate to my drawings.. i want my drawings to cheer sad people up.. i want my drawings to cry for those who’re feeling down.. i want my drawings to inspire others to draw and express themselves.. i know it’s not easy, but it makes me happy and that’s what i want to do.. i want my drawings express and bring out the feelings in others..

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Transferring SilentCries to Frozenfa

Hi All!! errr… or Hi to whoever who might be following my work here!! / Hehe.. it’s been awhile.. i’ve finally earned $25 from this account of mine.. and since RB now supports categorising of portfolio works, i’ll be transferring my designs here over to my Frozenfa account once i have the time that is… eheh.. i’ve been busy with the physical stall that i have n…
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Cough Cough Cough!! ack!!!

Hey everyone!!! i’m back!! sorta.. am having a bad cough and sore throat some.. plus running nose.. i think it’s due to the extra strong winds we seem to be getting here in sg.. will work on recovering as fast as i can.. / Stall opening has taken quite a toll i guess.. running around finding last minute printer/supplier.. going to the art shop to press my own keychains and buttons.. …
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My apologies for yesterday's whinings~

Today, i found out why i’ve been quiet and retreating from everyone. / basically, i had the mindset, if my family don’t give a hoot about me, why would anyone else care. i can’t even get acceptance/love/care from my family, who am i to ask for love/care/attention from others. Bad and sad mindset, yea.. Which is why i’m glad i manage to pinpoint it, with the help of my coun…
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Where have i been? *~major whinings*

Hello.. hmmm.. feel free to hate me. i have been around actually.. just haven’t been really communicative. let’s just say, i’ve been crawling into a hole, and i don’t feel like coming out, really.. i tried too.. i tried very hard to respond.. to communicate.. but i’d always end up just closing the window. / hnn.. yea.. prolly part of my depression thingy.. but i real…
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