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more sales and motorhead tonight..what a day

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more sales…and then Motorhead…what a day!
Sid : Posted on 16 November 2010 11:54
A definite cert to cheer me up is recieving notification either by phone , email or simply a cheque dropping through the letterbox via my cheerful postie – that someone appreciates TowerBlockMetal merchandise so much , that they have put their money where their mouth is, seperated with their hard earned cash and now have the walls of their homes and their coffe tables adorned with essential innercity apparel

A big THANK YOU to the customers of the OldSweetShop, Nether Edge Road , Sheffield 7 for buying mugs, tote bags, cards and prints – there are more designs to come, thanks again to Emma for all her help

(another thing that is definitely going to cheer me up – is …

Have acquired a domain (website) please check it out

Ahem …have bitten the bullet and got myself a domain name “towerblockmetal”
named after 2 things i’m obsessed with;blocks of flats and heavy metal – essentially i have sorted myself a Homepage
Also i am on a number of art sites now and it is a good junction for them all to come together- obviously there’s still a lot of construction to be done and various things will get added on and improved over time, don’t worry i’m not disappearing from RB

Anyhow if you want to have a look and get traffic underway i would greatly appreciate it , any comments would be most appreciated

Sid F

You may have to cut n paste

On a bit of a high today!

Wow just checking my RB activity – over 4000 hits now (still only 1sale,never mind!) and i have had 3 features in 24 hours-

“Shanty church” …… #1 Artists of RedBubble
“Percy of Parkhill” …… Industrial LAndscapes
“Bolt” …………………… Metallic Junktion

definite bottle of vino for me tonight..

Thanks to everyone for viewing, commenting, favoriting ,featuring and even buying – it really does mean a lot to me and it really can make your day

Thanks again guys (and girls)