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Sheffield, United Kingdom

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Inner-dity depression/deprivation, urban decay, industrial wastelands, heavy industry- the juxtaposition with nature, tower blocks, utopian architects vision of public housing – concrete jungle of deck access estates, repeating patterns, darkness, disturbing work, punks, post apocalyptic panoramas, cyborgs/androids, municipal monoliths / masterpieces, contemporary carbuncles, industrial icons, how the human spirit can fight on against the odds, community spirit / individual spirit, painting listening to ambient Black Metal (Norway), heavy Metal sub-genres, self taught, camera always handy………sorry what was the question ?…..Inspiration!

Contemporary inner-city art is my passion. I’ve been obsessed with tower blocks for most of my 40-something years and love High Rise, Deck Access, Beton Brut, Brutalism, Modernism and, perhaps most importantly of all, Le Corbusier’s idea of the ‘streets in the sky’.

Living in an industrial northern city like Sheffield gives no end of opportunities for capturing iconic brutalist buildings. I love taking photos of places like Park Hill flats, the Moore Street Substation or the sadly demolished Tinsley Cooling Towers and subverting them using DIY punk-style photomontage and good old-fashioned traditional Xerox art.

I am relatively very new to art only finding a passion for it approx 2 years ago- My style is completely self taught and personally find it very satisfying and relaxing, I am personally quite surprised at the positive feedback I have received during this journey- i wish i had more time to participate in painting and drawing but alas i have several other commitments such as work, being a bass player, cooking, heavy metal,family stuff,drinking with friends, urban exploration (with my 7 year old in tow) and DIY punk- indeed when i look back to more active punkier days -most of the art started then!

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  • Age: 47
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Have got round to updating profile at last

Profile updated – first time in 18 months – wow didn’t realise i’d been on here for that long,, doesn’t time fly….
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more sales and motorhead tonight..what a day

My Blog / more sales…and then Motorhead…what a day! / Sid : Posted on 16 November 2010 11:54 / A definite cert to cheer me up is recieving notification either by phone , email or simply a cheque dropping through the letterbox via my cheerful postie – that someone appreciates TowerBlockMetal merchandise so much , that they have put their money where their mouth is, seperated w…
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Have acquired a domain (website) please check it out

Ahem …have bitten the bullet and got myself a domain name “towerblockmetal” / named after 2 things i’m obsessed with;blocks of flats and heavy metal – essentially i have sorted myself a Homepage / Also i am on a number of art sites now and it is a good junction for them all to come together- obviously there’s still a lot of construction to be done and various t…
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2 works featured in Dada land today fantastic ..time for morning coffee / Sid
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