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I’m a right brained person what can I say, I must create.

I’ve dabbled through-out the years in all sorts of media, be it drawing, painting or writing. But until recently I never had the time to pursue art via full expression. Then art met technology and now graphic artistry is my personal choice as I find the possibilities endless.

I’m interested in life—-and all that entails from the sublime to the ordinary, as I realize adventures provide wonderful opportunities, simply being provides not only balance, but bliss. I’m blessed with a lovely family that supports and challenges me. I’m extremely curious and because of this, I love learning via every avenue possible, be it reading, writing or observation. As an incurable romantic— regardless of the trials and tribulation, I still believe in happy endings.

Earth turns to gold
in the hands of the wise- Rumi

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From A to Z I'm Thankful For

A Apples, oranges, cherries, mangoes—-Juicy Fruit / B My bed that’s warm and cozy when it’s cold outside / C Caring people, in general, but especially those who care about me / D Dirt, AKA—the soil that nourishes and provides a place for everything to grow / E Everyone, even those I want to smack now and then / F Family and Friends, Forever and Ever Amen / G Great Balls of Fire AKA…
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May You Live In Interesting Times!

“People who dance are considered insane by those / who can’t hear the music.” / {George Carlin} / I’m no longer a spring chicken, although I seem to forget that until I look in the mirror or the bones creak and it’s not as easy to spring out of the chair as it use to be. But I suppose I’m doomed or blessed, whichever way you look at it to be “young at heart”. Although there is that dark melancho…
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Early Morning Musings

I couldn’t sleep once again. Insomnia is my name—-however, I’ve been told by those who know these things accept what is (be grateful, regardless) and be in the moment. Therefore being in the moment I decided to write about stuff, here’s my early morning musing. / It has been said that LOVE is the opposite of fear. And if one is able to love their enemy that diminishes fear; when you become …
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