Hi there! Thanks for browsing my gallery – enjoy! :)

I always have expressed myself through painting, sketching, sculpting and playing music. I used to have stuff lying all around the house that used to be my latest project and then it progressed to my latest project that I don’t have time to finish or have lost interest in.
I then found photography – the almost instant art!! I often find the need to express more emotion in a photograph and use Photoshop to enhance the image to what I see in my mind. I find photography is my new way of painting, digitally playing with light and tones with a click of a mouse instead of a paintbrush.
I am influenced by the beach, it’s surroundings, still life and macro subjects. Alot of my images are based on simplicity, some which I convert to mono so the tonalities and form of the subject is what makes the image and not necessary the colour.
Susie :)

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