Manukau City, New Zealand

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i love strong colors and the movement in a still photograph.
i relish looking at powerful lines and well composed images.
i am absolutely over the moon with the unpredictability that analog brings.

started shooting with a digital SLR in 2008, thus my flickr handle, and was slowly introduced to shooting in analog format and then eventually the fun and unpredictable world of lomography by my cousin [golfpunkgirl] and older brother [chumq].

been hooked on film ever since i got that first roll back from the lab. it wasn’t even a cross processed roll. i’ve never been “wowed” more by anything else before that.

i dream of shooting old school with all sorts of different cameras, using different film, trying different techniques and just having a blast with it.

if anyone wants to do a film collaboration with me, just send me a message and let’s get clickin’!

  • Age: 31
  • Joined: February 2013